Shaan-Shanka tiff in Music Ka Maha Muqabla

A tiff is going on between Shaan and Shankar in Music Ka Maha Muqabla. The third Muqabla was between Shaan and Shankar, both of whom were winners in their first semi-finals match.

February 18, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): A tiff is going on between Shaan and Shankar in Music Ka Maha Muqabla. The third Muqabla was between Shaan and Shankar, both of whom were winners in their first semi-finals match. Winning the third match would have assured the winner a place in finals.

Maha Muqabla is bringing on the heat with its entry in semi finals… as there is visible amount of arguments and disagreements amongst the mentors themselves!

Great performances came from both the teams. But trouble started when Shankar came down to perform himself in two rounds because he wanted to win the match at any cost. This made Shaan insecure and he claimed Shankar is a sour loser who does not like to lose at any cost. His outburst against Shankar’s team shocked everyone. “I can also perform in every round and get 10 points in each round but this is competition and all of us should follow regulations,” screamed a visibly upset Shaan.

Not only this, Shaan also had a fight with Mika over number game and ripped open his shirt; luckily, the audience were saved the sight of his brawns as Shaan was wearing a t-shirt inside!

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8 thoughts on “Shaan-Shanka tiff in Music Ka Maha Muqabla

  1. Hello,

    Your review could have been more objective. From 3rd paragraph you noticeably seem to overlook that this is a competition of teams pitted against each other not one singer against another.
    Also you completely missed on the core point – in a duet performance Rahul sang all the way while Neeti admitted “blacking out” and forgetting her lines. Rahul made up for it but the judges were swayed by the “presence of mind” and gave it all to a performance that turned into a solo instead of duet. I agree that Shankar Mahadevan is a brilliant singer but his ethics are questionable.
    This episode was completely rigged.

  2. Shankar was obviously worried of loosing which he clearly showed by jumping in himself for two rounds. When he was playin against a team which has always played fair and allowed all its participants to perform in every match (no matter they win or not), then such a behaviour from shankar was pathetic. Even seeing that shankar was gaining points unnecessarily, shaan did not once come out himself, instead more enthusiastically let his team go ahead.

    When anwesha sang her solo so beautifully it was but obvious that she would have had better points from judges as well as audiences, and no contestant from shankar could have matched up. So shankar very cunningly came forward to sing. The advantage he got was that now anwesha’s judges points would be scraped and audiences average will never turn out to be 10 for her.. so it was gain in all aspects for him. was this justified? NO..
    Still shaan accepted the hunger with which shankar wanted to win and dint even remark to it and took it sportingly.

    Now for the big debatable question: Shaans anger towards the duet of neeti and rahul. Well to be rightly put, it wasn’t anywhere near to being a duet . It was an undoubted solo performance of RAHUL.. Because the choice of song made it obvious that the female singer had only 15% to sing in it (forget the percentage, being more specific it was just 4 lines) and rest 85 percent was for the male counterpart. Which does not ring a “DUET” bell in any sense. And that girl who hardly gets any chance to sing in this show (right from the beginning)couldnt even mug up those 4 lines and so sweetly justifies herslef being blanked out. Did she have anything else to do the whole time other than sit and see others perform? What was wrong with her?

    And our so called mentors. If they were so mesmerised by rahul’s performance then they only points he deserved in it was out of 5 in a DUET round(not 10, cause the rest 5 points should be for the female). So giving a 9 (MIKA considered it worthy of a 10) for that solo performance in a DUET round was pathetic on their part.

    So what was wrong on Shaan’s part to take a stand on the point where he knew his team should have gained the respect from judges and audience because they weren’t so silly as Shankar’s team. But forget gaining respect, the judges considered debojit and anwesha’s performance equal to rahul and neeti’s (and MIKA ji went on to another extent and gave them one less than neeti,, hahaha,,,). SO to sum it up it was an absolute TAMASHA put up by the great THE SHANKAR MAhadevan by justifying his beloved team mates, instead where he could have rightly accepted what had happened and given some respect to shaan’s concern and valid arguments. This craving for points and victory has definitely shown us the unmoral and greedy side of shankar mahadevan.. kudos…

  3. I am disgusted by the very OBVIOUS BIASED attitude of the judges. Are they judging Music or has this become an acting show.
    This show has become music ka CHEAP mukabla after this episode.
    Every judge was kissing ass of Mahadevan !!! I have lost a great deal of respect for Mahadevan … not living up to his given name.

    PLEASE …. have some objectivity.
    DUet means 2 people singing equally usually — In this case she couldn’t even pull off 4 lines… This is why India never gets ahead. Country is ALWAYS sucking up to the “big guy” in town. Mahadevan showed his true greedy side today… shame on being so insecure that he had to perform himself twice. What’s the point of calling this a competition …. it has turned into a show & acting.
    Shaan Thank you for having the guts to fight for justice & the truth!!!!

  4. I do agree that Shankar Mahadevan is a brilliant singer but his ethics are questionable no doubt. Shaan’s team is better team and as far as i am concerned Shhan is a winner. In pre final round Javed Akhtar gave 5 marks to shhan’s team while other more knowledgeable judges who are either singers or music directors gave 9 and 10. Shaan was ahead of mahadevan by 3 points and he lost due to just one biased judge’s low marks. This is disgusting. I don’t think i will watch finals now.

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