Scottish singer Rod Stewart sued over unpaid bills

London, Sep 27, 2010 (Calcutta Tube) Scottish singer Rod Stewart has been sued for failing to pay for custom-made clothes he ordered for his 2007 wedding to model Penny Lancaster.

Designer Karen Matthews has filed a lawsuit at Los Angeles Small Claims Court that the rocker had ordered outfits worth $7,500 for a string of bashes in 2007 – including his Italian nuptials, reports

She accuses the singer of failing to pay up for the items, writing in court papers, ‘The clothes were never paid for in full and (Stewart) kept the rest of the clothes without ever returning what hadn’t been paid for.’

However, Stewart’s representative has slammed the lawsuit, insisting the clothes were poorly made and ‘unusable’ – and the star was forced to search for a new wedding outfit shortly before the big day.

The spokesperson said, ‘(The wedding suit) wasn’t produced on time and was ill-fitting and totally unusable. He had to buy a proper suit at the last minute.’

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