‘Savita Bhabi’ inspired ‘sheetalbhabi.com’

Mumbai, March 16 (Calcutta Tube) This may be a first of its kind – forthcoming comedy ‘sheetalbhabi.com’ is inspired by the banned porn site ‘Savita Bhabi’ and the film’s creative director clarifies that there is no vulgarity in the movie.

‘I had seen the Savita Bhabi site once. While seeing that, the idea sparked that why can’t this be transformed into a film? So that was the start and now we are ready with the film,’ Mahendra Dhariwal, creative producer of ‘sheetalbhabi.com’, told IANS.

Dhariwal says the film is a comedy and there isn’t any vulgarity in the film.

‘The idea was taken from there. It was a porn site, but our film doesn’t have any vulgarity in it. We transformed the idea into a comedy film,’ said Dhariwal.

Directed by C.M. Jain, the film is about a woman, her husband and his four friends. It shows how the wife manages these four guys.

Heena Rehman, who appeared in ‘I Am Proud to Be An Indian’ (2004) with Sohail Khan, is playing the title role. Jatin Grewal, Shakti Kapoor and Vikas Kalantri are also in the film, which is set to release worldwide April 8.

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