Save water, parliament member urges Gurgaon residents

Gurgaon, May 28 (Calcutta Tube) A collective effort needs to be made urgently to conserve water here and address its depletion, parliament member Deepender Singh Hooda from Rohtak said Friday.

‘Without waiting for either the district administration or the government or any other organisation to take up the issue, every citizen should contribute in his own way towards water conservation. Then only will our future generations be able to get water,’ Hooda said, while attending an Infrastructure Business Connect Summit in Gurgaon, a city adjoining the national capital.

To make Gurgaon a city of dreams, one should focus on one issue at a time and start with the depletion of water, Hooda said.

‘In Gurgaon and nearby areas, the exploitation of underground water is 300 percent more than the seepage rate. Gurgaon does not have any perennial source of water, that is, there is no river flowing along the city,’ Hooda stressed.

Gurgaon depends on the Yamuna river for its water but there too the river water is decreasing at a rate of five percent per year for the past 20 years. ‘We have to take concrete steps like rain water harvesting and other water sustainable efforts which are going to save us and our future generations,’ he added.

Hooda said the government is preparing a plan which would enable excess rain water to be stored in the Bhindawas Lake. Another big water reservoir would be made near the Jhajjar-Gurgaon border and the water stored in these reservoirs could be used in nearby villages.

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