Hindi TV Star Sarju in a new avatar


Sarju (Saurabh Pandey) the male protagonist in ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ (Star Plus) will donning be a new avatar. To bring spice to the serial Sphere Origins have decided to give its viewer an eye treat by giving Sarju an entire new look.

Our source from the production informs, “As Kamya (Parul Chaudhary) who is the owner of a magazine company needs a fresh face for her magazine cover page and that’s where Sarju comes into the frame. Impressed by his personality Kamya decides to hire him. But Sarju refuses the offer. Hence, Kamya comes up with a plan that if he accepts the modeling offer, she will help in getting Kalua out of police custody.”

“Desperate to help his best friend Sarju accepts the offer which is made on two conditions. Firstly, he cannot leave the city and secondly he cannot marry during his contract period. Now here comes a big challenge for the crew member to change his looks. As its not only changing his clothes but it’s also changing his persona,” concludes the source.

Excited Saurabh says, "It’s been fantastic being the part of ‘TMS’ so far and really excited to know how well audiences response to my new look would be and am expected their feedbacks as well. As an actor I am always open to criticism at the both front, good or bad respectively. So far my work has been appreciated and well taken by the audience and will look forward for their feedback in future too."

-Sampurn Media

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