Sarah Harding, Tom Crane have fantasy sex partners

London, Oct 25 (Calcutta Tube) Singer Sarah Harding and her boyfriend Tom Crane have ‘fantasy sex partners’.

‘We do have our fantasy sex partners, though – Tom’s is Megan Fox, so if he got the chance with her then he’d be excused. And mine is Brad Pitt,’ quoted her as saying.

Harding and Crane have been dating for three years and work hard to keep their romance and sex life alive.

‘The key to a good relationship is learning how to keep falling back in love with each other. We try and have a date night once a week. Being at home together we can get on each other’s nerves, so it’s nice to take ourselves away from all that.’

‘Things can go stale in a relationship and I think having a couple of romantic days in a hotel can bring the spark back. I’m more into romance than kinky stuff – I’m not into whips and chains,’ she said.

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