Sara Khan, Nishant Malkani weight issue in ‘Ram Milayee Jodi’

New Delhi, March 25 (Calcutta Tube) Lean and petite Sara Khan has been asked to put on weight to look like a well-fed Punjabi girl, while her co-star Nishant Malkani has been asked to shed extra pounds for a special scene in ‘Ram Milayee Jodi’.

The actress is required to look healthy rather than a delicate darling in the show that is telecast on Zee TV and the makers have asked Nishant to cut down on his high-on-proteins-and-carbohydrates diet to look a little leaner, so that the duo look the perfect couple for the special sequence depicting their ‘big night’ on the show.


‘The idea is to get us to look like an ideal couple for the big night and both Nishant and I are game for whatever it takes to make the scene look absolutely perfect,’ Sara said in a press statement.


The decision to ask both the actors to work on their look came after the creative team scrutinised the footage over the last couple of weeks.


Producer Rajita Sharma feels Sara with her ‘size zero’ obsession has begun to look like a delicate China doll in front of Nishant who is constantly on a ‘get bigger and beefier’ trip, said a source.


Nishant’s on screen character Anukalp, a shy and sweet Gujarati boy, requires a lean and lanky look over that of a hunk, and for Sara, who plays Mona, the producer wants a more ‘hatti-katti’ look.


‘Ram Milayee Jodi’, a love story, is about the clash of cultures in relationships.

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