Sandip Ray: ‘Royal Bengal Rahashya’ and ‘Joto Kando Kathmandute’ are next FELUDA Films

Sandip Ray: Director of Gorosthane Sabdhan
Sandip Ray: Director of Gorosthane Sabdhan

His films on Bengali detective Feluda have always attracted audience of all ages. With a promise to thrill as well as entertain the film lovers once more, director Sandip Ray is back again with his new film on Feluda series titled ‘Gorosthane Sabdhan’. The director speaks to IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra on his latest movie.  Gorosthane Sabdhan will be releasing shortly in the USA distributed by Databazaar Media Ventures.

How tough was it to portray Kolkata as mentioned in the novel by your father Satyajit Ray?
It was a tough job. We brought Feluda back to this age. Portraying ’77-’78 Kolkata was tough to showcase. Many things have changed. Like the system of Gorosthan has undergone changes. We indeed faced lots of troubles for this reason. We had to make bit of changes and alterations, but I feel these have not affected the mood of the movie. Besides, we also have kept several things and characters intact like Sidhu Jetha (a character in the film as well as the novel). Then, I showcased the Bourne & Shepherd company in film. I want the young generation to know about these things through this movie.
You dropped Parambrata and picked Saheb to play the role of Topshay (Feluda’s nephew cum assistant) in this film. Why did you make this change?
I felt that the character of Topshay should aged around mid-20’s.I felt that Parambrata Chatterjee is becoming older to play the role. I have seen Saheb anchoring for a while. I took all the information about him…whether he accepts others decision, if he is obedient or not (laughs). After getting all these information, I approached him and finally I selected him for the role.
How did the three (Feluda, Topshay and Jatayu) coordinated with each other, especially after the alteration of Topshay?
I feel that the chemistry between the three actors were nice. They jelled with each other very quickly. First day we were nervous about the new cast. But from the second day, everything was fine.
Did you think of changing actor for portrayal of Jatayu in this movie?
I feel that Bibhu’s (Bibhu Bhattacharya) role as Jatayu in my movies is fixed. I am very happy the way he played the character in this movie. Really, he has improved gradually with the films and this time he was excellent.
Why is Feluda not using mobile phones though we see him working on internet in this film?
Actually, when I announced the making of this film in newspapers, I received multiple phone calls, which included children. They told me not to make Feluda use mobile in the film. And I also decided that he will not use a mobile phone.
We saw Subhasis playing a negative character in this film. What made you select him?
He had also done a serious role in ‘Herbert’; I feel his range is huge as far acting is concerned. I also feel that he has got stamped for portraying particular kinds of roles. Rather, he should be made to portray other kinds of characters than the one he usually plays. He is a great actor.
Will we see another Feluda story in your next venture?
No. It will be different.
Which Feluda story do you plan to work on in coming years?
I have plans to work on two Feluda novels in the coming years, namely, ‘Royal Bengal Rahashya’ and ‘Joto Kando Kathmandute’.
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