Sananda Srimati winners’ crown unveiled in Kolkata

Kolkata, Mar 20 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): It was a special evening for all the ten contestants fighting hard to win the Nihar Naturals Sananda Srimati, as the winners’ crown was unveiled in the city.

The crown has been designed by a special team of renowned city based jewellery house Senco Gold.

“The three crowns and the inspiration are like the balance of life with the three elements of creator, peserver and destroyer,” Subhankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold, said.

“Senco Gold has been paying tribute to womanhood for the past seventy years and will continue to adorn them with beautiful jewellery forever,” he said.

Well known model-turned grooming expert Nayanika Chatterjee was present at the event on Friday and shared her experience of shaping up these ten women who are fighting to win the pageant.

“All of them are winners to me. They stayed with us for a long time. We will surely like to give ten crowns to the ten contestants but unfortunately three will only be crowned,” Chatterjee said.

Describing the beauty of the winners crown, Sen said,”It will actually showcases the excellence and brilliance that a woman can think about.”

The ‘Nihar Naturals Sananda Srimati’ is a unique beauty contest where all the ten contestants are married and belong to completely different fields of work.

The ten contestants went through multiple grooming and makeover sessions to make them the perfect ‘srimati’ (woman).

All the three crowns of the ‘Nihar Naturals Sananda Srimati’ were unveiled in the city on Friday.

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(Reporting by Supriyo Hazra, photos Avishek Mitra)

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