Sananda Srimati 2011: Participants dazzle the ramp

Kolkata, Mar 15 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Ten beautiful participants dazzled the ramp on Tuesday afternoon as a part of the ‘Nihar Naturals Sananda Srimati 2011‘.
Dressed in blue tops and jeans, the participants wowed the judges and the audience present at the event by their smart answers to the questions from the panel.
Tollywood actor Sonali Chaudhury, fashion designer Chhuti, Soumitra Mondal and singer and band personality Soumitra Ray were there at the event to judge the contestants.
“They are really excellent, I personally liked the participant who said that I feel that my soul is my best friend,” Soumitra Ray told IBNS.
Actor Sonali said at the end of the event they are actually searchig for a women who is not only beautiful but truthful.
“We sre searching for a woman who is telling the truth and not some one who is not saying it from the heart,” Sonali said.
“The way Sananda groom these women I feel it is an excellenrt endovour,” she said.
Fashion designer Chhuti feels that in the present age a woman needs to balance her family and the working place and this is a challenge they have to face regularly.
“All are sera srimoti (best woman) in our eyes. If one can be an ideal ‘srimoti’ to his friends and family then she wll be sucessful,” Chhuti said.
The sub contests were segregated into different categories namely-‘Nihar Naturals Srimati Kuntala for Mrs. Best Hair’, ‘Mrs. Personality’, ‘Nihar Naturals Srimati Gharani’, ‘Nihar Naturals Srimati Sumedha’, ‘Parachute Body Lotion Srimati Bidipta for Beautiful Skin’ and ‘Kellogg’s Special K Mrs. Confident WInner’.
Nihar Naturals Sananda Srimati 2011
Reporting by Supriyo Hazra, Photos by Subhajit Das

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