Samamdarshi Dutta on Bengali Movie ‘Icche’, upcoming movies (Interview)

Icche Bengali Movie PosterBengali actor Samamdarshi Dutta talks about Bengali Movie ‘Icche’, his co-actors, his journey, upcoming movies and more. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

Samadarshi Dutta, the curly-haired, dreamy-eyed, romantic FTII graduate in acting has reached the skies with his first film Icche in which he landed a role many veterans would be ready to die for. Another notable film in which he has done the main role, namely Ami Adu, won the National Award. Both Icche and Ami Adu have been acquired by Databazaar Media Ventures for screening, telecasting, distributing and streaming in North America and Canada. Icche in fact, is the biggest commercial and critical hit among the films Samadarshi has acted in and his career graph can only move in one direction – up.

Did you expect the critical and commercial popularity Icchhe has gained?

All of us connected to the film had high hopes that the film would strike at the hearts of the audience. But no one expected this kind of positive reception. Its popularity has to be seen to be believed – jumping from one week to the next till we recently celebrated the 100th day of its run in West Bengal.

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Icche you have repeatedly said holds a special place for you as an actor beginning to test the waters of Bengali cinema. Can you explain why?

There are several reasons. First of all, it is rare for a student of the FTII to get a lead role even while he is still a student. Shibu-da and Nandita-di not only chose me to play the son Soumik in the film but when the film got stalled for several reasons, they waited for me to come back and take on from where the film had stopped way back in 2008. Who would do this for a new actor tell me? Thirdly, it is my first film and holds a special place like all first films do for all actors. It was by chance that another film Sathi Amar Bondhu Amar, a crass commercial, was released first and became my debut film. I have no regrets because an actor cannot wish away commercial films. The delay in release and in the film’s making has worked for the best for all of us involved in the film.

All your following films also were released before Icche, right?

Right. Hing Ting Chhot, a very interesting film was released before Icche and so were Aarohan and Ami Adu. Each film has been an experience unto itself, different, distinct and carrying the stamp of the individual director. Pinaki Choudhury who directed Aarohan is a veteran while Somnath Gupta made his directorial debut with Ami Adu and so did Anasuya-di with Hing Ting Chhot.

How is your career shaping right now?

Better than I could have imagined within such a short time, really. I have finished work on Gautam Haldar’s Mukti which stars Raakhee in the main role. It is based on a noted story by Moti Nandy. Then, I have portrayed the ghost of a rock star in Anik Dutta’s Bhooter Bhabishyat which is awaiting release. It is a hilarious take on the rapid destruction of heritage property in the name of modernization said through the story of ghosts who inhabit an old and dilapidated mansion in Kolkata. In Saugata Dev Burman’s Tobe Tai Hoke, I play an eccentric artist who has a torrid affair with the wife of his host played by Joy Sengupta and Swastika Mukherjee respectively. I am also portraying the young Tagore in Rituparno Ghosh’s fictional documentary on Rabindranath Tagore. But Icche has become a cult film kind of and some of them have called me a “phenomenon.”

Are you happy about the way things are turning out in your favour?

I am thrilled. I am really grateful to Rituparna Sengupta for giving my career this big jump, to Shibuda and Nandita-di for having faith in me and to my co-actors mainly Sohinidi who plays my mother for whatever I did in the film.

– Shoma A. Chatterji

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