Salman to perform an aerial act in DID


As reported before, Salman has graced the stage of ‘Dance India Dance’ and the shoot for the same had already commenced.

Onlooker from the sets informs, “Watching the enthralling performances put together by the contestants of ‘Dance India Dance’, Salman decided to shake a leg too. So he got up, went on the stage and jived to ‘Love Me, Love Me, Love Me’ alongside thrilled contestants Vandana and Kruti.”

“Seeing Salman move so well, Master Terence Lewis was keen to see him perform an aerial act with cables like so many of ‘DID’ man, you are very strong. I’m sure you can do it. Salman performed as he hung on to the cables in the mid-air, it was delightful,” adds the source further.

After enjoying the dance performance where some of the boys lifted girls high up in the air, Salman was some what uncomfortable and finally he confessed, “Guys, now this is something I just cannot do. I may lift really heavy weights, bench press more than most men do but I can never lift a woman that high up in the air.”

Humility, thy name is Salman! And the 47 year old actor no where looked his age!

-Sampurn Media

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