Salman Khan offers a chance to Manisha Ratnani


Salman Khan is known to appreciate new talent. He showcased that quality of his during the photoshoot at Panchgani for Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar. He asked Manisha Ratnani, Dabboo’s wife, to take the pictures.

According to Dabboo, the shoot started after dinner. He was setting the lights for the shot and his wife was checking the camera while setting it up. Salman suddenly asked her to click his pictures. Dabboo believes that it was very kind of Salman to allow a new photographer to take his shots. He even went bare bodied because Manisha was taking the pictures.

Manisha has been Dabboo’s assistant for five years and this was her first time being a star’s photographer. She was shocked when she was asked to take the shots and thought it was a joke at first. But when she started to take the pictures, both Salman and Dabboo were supportive of her. Her heart was racing as she couldn’t believe she was doing her first photoshoot with Salman Khan.

Manisha mentions that Salman has offered her magazine and cover shoots and also a full-fledged shoot. She expresses that she will never forget this photoshoot all her life.

-Sampurn Media

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