Salman Khan starrer ‘Ready’ movie with Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, in cameos

New Delhi, Feb 21 (Calcutta Tube) Bollywood star Salman Khan wanted a few Bollywood stars for a cameo for Anees Bazmee’s Hindi movie ‘Ready‘ in Bangkok. Salman approached his friends Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn, who happily complied. Even actress Kangana Ranaut, who was with Sanjay and Ajay shooting in Bangkok itself for David Dhawan’s ‘Rascals’, agreed for the shoot for Salman’s sake.

‘When Salman Khan calls everyone has to respond. And these are his dearest friends. Salman has the highest respect for Sanjay and he is very close to Ajay. So when a scene came up which needed film stars, Salman thought why wait to go to India and shoot when the unit of David Dhawan’s ‘Rascals’ is present in Pattaya.

‘He made calls to Sanjay and Ajay and they readily agreed. David cancelled his shoot for ‘Rascals’ and let the three actors go shoot for ‘Ready’,’ said a source.

Salman did his bit to make his friends feel special for agreeing to feature in the film.

‘Salman went to surprise Sanju and Ajay at Hotel Royal Cliff in Pattaya. Salman told them that he had come to pick them up as they were coming to shoot especially for him. Kangana also joined them and the three actors left for the shoot together in Salman’s car,’ the source added.

The spokesperson for the movie ‘Ready’ confirmed the incident, and said: ‘Yes Ajay, Sanju Sir and Kangana did shoot for Ready as Salman wanted them to.’

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