Salman Khan on Sonakshi Sinha, Hindi film Dabangg 2 (Interview)

Salman Khan_Sonakshi SinhaApril 29, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actor Salman Khan talks about his new film ‘Dabangg 2’. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.
What do you have to say about Arbaaz Khan directing Dabangg 2?
Yes Arbaaz is directing Dabangg 2 and is doing a very good job with it…we are very happy. He will become a very big director when you will watch the film (jokingly).
Sonakshi Sinha will share screen with you in the sequel. How has she grown as an actress?
Sonakshi is killing in Dabangg 2. In the first picture (Dabangg), she was slightly, you know, nervous and all. But then she is back with Rowdy Rathore (with Akshay Kunar) and then Dabangg 2…she has gone to a different level altogether. Also she has grown very, very beautiful.

You mentioned Rowdy Rathore. Have you seen the promos?
Sonakshi knows I liked Rowdy Rathore. She showed me the promo of the film twice on the sets of Dabangg 2. I really liked the romantic and action tracks in Rowdy Rathore.

How will Sonakshi’s character be different from Dabangg in the sequel?
Mrs Rajjo Pandey (Sonakshi’s character) can do anything. There is a lot of romance in Dabang 2. She had done a brilliant job…tell this to her when you meet and see how she will blush (laughs).
Your unique dance steps in Dabangg were highly appreciated by the audiences. Will you innovate further in Dabangg 2?
Just wait…itna bhayankar nachunga key sabko bata dunga what is called dancing.
You are considered to be one of the best looking men in Bollywood. How often do you visit spas?
Spa? For the first time I saw what is called a spa when I went to launch my sister-in-law (wife of Sohail Khan) Seema Khan’s Kallista Spa & Salon in Bandra recently. It will be helpful for our Bollywood ladies like Sonakshi (Sinha) and Katrina (Kaif) that they can easily access a good spa in Bandra now on. And since, it’s Seema’s, they will get good discount as well.

What do you do to release stress?
I don’t need to any stress reliever. Everybody else gets the stress.
Do you three brothers (Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail) spend ‘happy times’ frequently with family and friends?
We have get-togethers every day…without any occasion.
There are numerous fans across the globe who copy all your mannerisms blindly. What makes every move you make click with the audiences?
I don’t know. I never copied or aped anybody. I never idolized anybody. As an actor, I do appreciate all the love that I get from my fans.

Do you get free time for yourself being tied up with so many things?
Ya, ya.  I am always free because I enjoy what I do. I changed my hobby into my profession. I chill in-between shots…listen to music, hang out with friends. I am not into much reading. I only read books when I can’t sleep.

No interview is complete without asking Salman when he is getting married…to which he will say?
…you asked a brand new question.
Okay, let’s put it this way. Katrina said she wants an arranged marriage. Will you support her to find a suitable groom?
Ya, sure. I will get her marriage ‘arranged’ with whoever she wants to.
– Sreya Basu / Trans World Features (TWF)

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