Salman Khan-On His Upcoming Movie Wanted

Bollywood actor Salman Khan talks about his upcoming Hindi movie Wanted.

Salman Khan-On His Upcoming Movie Wanted-Interview

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan talks about his upcoming Hindi movie Wanted.

Salman you have done the action all by yourself in WANTED. Are you satisfied with the final result?

I am quite satisfied, as I have gone through a lot of training for this film and have stretched myself a lot. May it be dancing or action, I needed the training, and the outcome of it has been good, according to me.

Politicians are blaming actors on going to any extent for the publicity of their film. What is your comment on that?

Sorry I could not hear you… (Ever-diplomatic Sallu just refused to answer this question)

What is the reason for taking up this film?

The reason for taking up WANTED was the script and the jazba of working hard in it. Now if the film does not work, then I will stop working hard. As I know I have worked hard for this movie and believe that this is one of the best.

Your characters name Radhe Mohan, is the same as it was in your previous film Tere Naam. What similarity do these two characters have?

In Tere Naam, Radhe was a college boy who was hit badly and he goes mad at the end, but here Radhe is a man and no body can even touch him, as it will be very easy for him to bury them underground.

Can you elaborate on your character in the film?

I essay the role of a contract killer in the film, and if somebody gives a supari on your name I will kill you also (grins).

Salman Khan-On His Upcoming Movie Wanted

Asin was originally cast in this film. What was the reason of replacing her with Ayesha Takiya?

We wanted Ayesha so we cast her in the film, and come on guys she was getting married too and so we were planning to release this film before her marriage. Asin got her share in London Dreams toh humne setting karli hai…

How different is this film from its Telugu version?

In this film there is humor, and different kind of action keeping in mind our audiences. It’s not the ditto copy of the Telugu version, but we have our own inputs too, which sets this film apart from the South movie.

This film has a lot of action and so did Ghajini, which was full with loads of action? So do you think this film will work on the same lines?

Ghajini worked not because of its action, but because of its romance. I have seen it and liked it also, but it was a different story altogether. This film is hero centric, and you will feel that I would like to be like Radhe Mohan after coming out of the theatre.

You have sung the song in WANTED. How was your experience?

It was like I was just dubbing some lines for the song, when suddenly the idea of singing the full song popped up in my mind. Sajid and Wajid took my voice to the studio, put some masala and presented it. So if you like the song you know the story behind my voice. (Laughs)

-Rachana Trivedi/ Sampurn


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