Salman Khan on Hindi movie ‘Ready’, actress Asin, ‘character dheela’ number

Salman KhanMay 10, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bollywood actor Salman Khan who will be seen romancing Asin in upcoming Hindi movie ‘Ready’ talks about the film, his co-actor Asin, popular number ‘Character Dheela’. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

The song Character dheela from Ready is already rocking the charts. Whose brain is behind this song?

Character dheela was Asin’s idea. Since she is the heroine of the film, how can we say no to her!

That’s it?

(Laughs) Generally we use the term character dheela in a negative manner. But Aneesbhai (Bazmee, director) wanted to make it positive. One day he said people always look at us and say: Iska character dheela hai. But actually, woh log bhi yehi sab karta hai. So, if they do, it’s raas leela, and if we do, then character dheela! Not fair na!

You did gigs on Raj Kapoor, Dharmendra and Dilip Kumar in the song. How was the experience?

There’s no way you can do justice to what they have done. The way Dharmji looked in Sholey nobody can even come near him, Raj Kapoorsaab is a legend, Yusufsaab (Dilip Kumar) is something else…from the first day of our industry till today, nobody could come one percent close to his performance. We just did this as a tribute.

How much do you relate the song to yourself?

Look, my character has never been dheela. I am 46 years old now and if you have seen my average (in love), it’s pathetic.

Do you think remakes are lucky for you (Both Wanted and Ready are remakes of south Indian films)?

Our (Bollywood) writers are actually writing…and how?…we take pegs from here and there…pick  from a French film, take something from Ethiopian film or a Hollywood film or an old Bollywood film; unless he is a writer-director, then only he can do justice to a script. The South writers also borrow heavily from old Hindi films. Like my father (Salim Khan) used to write-Haathi Mere Saathi, Deewar-they (South) have taken all that stuff. They have remade most of our films. Now it’s time to take at least one or two back. And it’s not that we lifted, we are not making blind remakes. The fact is, in the South, they work on heroism, while in Bollywood, there is n o heroism now. I want to see me as a hero on screen. That’s the reason I have started doing this kind of films. Be it heroism in comedy, action or drama, when you come out of the theatre, you want to be the hero (of the film)…that’s what I want.

Then why don’t you do a super-hero film like Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan?

I don’t want to do any super-hero film. I don’t want to be bitten by a spider and turn Spiderman, I won’t want a red underwear outside to be Superman…I just want to be Sal-Man.

While shooting for Wanted, there was news that you had a hard time learning the steps from Prabhu Deva. Did you face a similar situation in Ready, since there are quite a number of twisters in it?

I didn’t have a hard time, but Prabhu Deva had a tough time while choreographing me. When I copied Prabhu Deva’s steps, I knew I was doing better than him. But he kept saying ‘one more, one more’. But I was doing better! Hazam nehin hota. I never have difficulties with steps. I am a great dancer. Ask Boneyji (Kapoor, producer of Wanted)…retakes pe retakes. What is this politics! You make an actor damn tired so that he can’t deliver well.

How much did your choreographer tire you with steps for Ready?

This time I took care of my steps…lots of care. My choreographer Mudassar himself weighs 12 kilos. So he dared not mess up with me.

According to a latest Internet survey, you have been rated as No 1 bachelor of India. What’s your take on it?

I will change it soon. I will shift to -1 (minus one).

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