Salman Khan-Music Launch of Shadow

Bollywood star Salman Khan was present at the music launch of the upcoming Bollywood thriller Shadow.

Salman Khan-Music Launch of Shadow

Bollywood star Salman Khan was present at the music launch of the upcoming Bollywood thriller Shadow.

Salman Khan is one man who loves to be in the good books of everyone. Recently, he was invited to a music launch of the forthcoming film Shadow. The film is a suspense thriller directed by Rohit Nayyar.

On the event, as soon as Salman entered the premises, the media, which were present there in hordes, mobbed him immediately. Poor Sallu was shoved under his nose with every microphone present in the room

Of course, all this shoving and pushing irked the temperamental Sallu miya, who got so much irritated that he thought of walking out of the music launch

The organizers had to pacify Sallu Bhai, before he could burst into a temper and stage a walkout

Also, present at the occasion were the cast and crew of Shadow. Our macho man launched the audio CD and wished good luck to the film. Shadow boasts of actors like Naseer Khan, Arjun Sherawat, Milind Soman, Sonali Kulkarni and Hrishita Bhatt and is slated to release on August 7.

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Salman Khan Displeased With Producers

Salman Khan does not seem to be very pleased with the producers of tinsel town. Recently, at the music launch of a film titled Shadow he displayed his annoyance towards the money-makers of Bollywood.

Salman Khan, who is well-known for not leaving a single opportunity to take a jibe on anyone, was surprisingly all praise for the newly turned producer actor Naseer Khan. Naseer despite being blind in real-life has played the role of a sharp shooter and car mechanic. Salman somehow was more impressed with producer Naseer Khan than actor.

Comparing him with the other top-notch producers in the industry today, he applauded the honesty in Naseer as a producer. “I respect Naseer, for he did not use his disability to make a fool of people associated with his film, which he could easily do. Unlike others producers who are always ready with some or the other excuse to escape from paying the money, Naseer has be a real gentleman,” says the star.

Well, after listening to all this, is Salman really upset with the producers or was he trying to be nice to debutant producer? Anyway, it is the fate of the film which is going to make difference in Naseer’s career and not some peppy comments. Ain’t we right on that Salman?

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Salman didn’t take any money to attend the music launch of Shadow

The newly turned actor-producer Naseer Khan’s debut venture Shadow is yet to release and he is already into controversies. His association with Salman Khan has been put in a bad light by electronic media. The news channels has reported Salman to have been paid one crore to attend the music launch of the film organized last week.

Naseer puts an end to such rumours and says, “It simply pathetic on the part of media to report such a loose report. My association with Salman Khan has a history behind it. We met while we were shooting for our respective projects at filmcity. We would have a nice chat during the break, after Salman would shoot for his ad-film. And he gave me word to be of any help in future.” He goes on to add, “I have not had a good experience in the industry as far as association is concerned. So, I was little reluctant to approach Salman, even though he had promised. Salman was approached by my spokesperson and eventually on goodwill was present at the launch. I feel extremely disgusted at such a nasty remark by media.”

Salman Khan was not available for comment. However, Naseer claims similar reaction of Salman, if media approaches him on the same.

– Bollywood news and gossips / Esha Razdan / Sampurn

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