Salman Khan for Hindi movie ‘Ready’ shoots action scenes on tuk-tuk in Pattaya

New Delhi, Feb 22 (Calcutta Tube) Bollywood actor Salman Khan performed his stunts on tuk-tuk, the Thai auto-rickshaw, in the narrow streets of Pattaya for Anees Bazmee’s Hindi movie ‘Ready’.

‘It was Bhai’s (Salman’s) idea to shoot with tuk-tuks which are very fast and powerful. He wanted to shoot an action sequence nobody has done before,’ Bhushan Kumar of T-Series said in a press statement.

‘People have shot romantic songs or scenes perhaps, but such a high-voltage action sequence will be seen for the first time in ‘Ready’. People will enjoy this unique Thai action,’ he added.

Following Salman’s suggestion of using tuk-tuk in the shoot, an action scene was especially written and shot. The scene required two tuk-tuks to blow up and Salman had to jump into another tuk-tuk and drive off.

The producers – T-Series and Rajat Rawail – bought three tuk-tuks especially for this scene.

‘Ready’ is slated for release June 6.

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