Salman Khan’s accident has nothing to do with my film says Celina Jaitley


Celina Jaitley is having the best time of her life, with her hands full of film projects and personal queries put to rest with a very public past life regression therapy, she is finally coming to peace with her inner self.

The former beauty queen started her career with modeling; but slowly and steadily paved her way into Hindi film industry. Debuting with ‘Janasheen’ in the year 2003, the light-eyed beauty did some remarkable films like ‘No Entry’, ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’ and ‘Golmaal Returns’, to name a few.

Now as the year 2009 comes to an end, Celina wraps it up with her thriller film ‘Accident on Hill Road’ which according to her has the perfect ingredient to make it an interesting entertainer.

The publicity of ‘Accident on Hill Road’ says it is a story based on real life, is the film inspired from Salman Khan’s infamous hit ‘n’ run accident?

No…it has nothing to do with the Salman Khan’s hit and run incident. The story is based on the real life incident, which took place in the United States, however an English film had also made on the same incident.

How was the experience of working with debutant director Mahesh Nair?

The experience was fantastic, although Mahesh Nair is a debutant director but he’s very talented. Most importantly, he knows what he’s doing and what he wants; overall I can say he knows his job well. Personally I feel he has done a good job with the film.

You worked with veteran actor Farooq Sheikh, how was the experience and what happened when you first met him?

I was a bit nervous when we first met on the shooting sets and it continued till I shot my first scene with him. We all know how great an actor he is and that he has done some amazing work in the past. To get a chance to work with an actor of his caliber is rare as he does only one film every two to three years, so, it was a nice experience and a privilege to do a film with him.

How did you find Abhimanyu Singh, who plays your love interest in the film, as an actor?

I think Abhimanyu Singh is from a very different genre of acting. And it was a very different experience working with him, although he does not have many scenes in the film. However, it was a wonderful experience working with him.

What is your favorite scene in ‘Accident on Hill Road’?

My favorite scene from the film ‘Accident on Hill Road’ is coincidentally an accident scene with the Farooq Sheikh, which you see in the promo. It is because I always had a fear of driving, even when I am sitting on the passenger’s seat. The scene scared me to bits; it was very scary in fact, now that I recall I don’t know how I pulled off that scene.

Why is the promotion of the film not being done aggressively?

I think this question should be asked to the producer as the promotion of the film is in the hands of the producer. Besides, we actors are always available for the promotional activities.

You discovered, you were a ‘man’ in one of your past lives, how was that experience and also when you got to know that you parents and your brother were your friends, how did you feel knowing that?

The experience of discovering past life was incredible, as I always had this question in my mind that what connection do I have with Germany, as I speak fluent German and 80 percent of my close friends are from Germany. So, discovering this fact from the show ‘Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka’ was something amazing. And it also felt great when I got to know that even in my past life I was in a Army family.

How much do you believe in ‘past life regression’?

I think after experiencing the process my faith just strengthen.

What are the projects that are in pipeline and have you signed any film anytime soon?

There are already so many films that I’m working on, but simultaneously I have been reading a few scripts too.

-Anil A Kanojia/ Sampurn Media

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