Salman Khan’s private flight delayed as Sajid Nadiadwala got sick

Mumbai, June 1 (Calcutta Tube) A chartered flight carrying Bollywood actor Salman Khan‘s friends and family – including Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, filmmaker David Dhawan – to Dubai for his ‘Being Human’ concert was delayed by almost an hour after producer Sajid Nadiadwala suddenly took ill and had to disembark.

Apparently there was alarm and panic on board the plane and doctor had to be called in.

After examining the ‘Housefull’ producer, the doctor announced that he was not fit to travel and was advised to disembark. Salman’s flight had to leave without him Thursday after almost an hour’s delay.

After repeated attempts to contact him, Nadiadwala finally answered the phone Friday afternoon.

Sounding pale and weak, the producer said: ‘It was a condition I had been trying to suppress for some time now with antibiotics. Apparently the antibiotics turned hostile on me, and I didn’t even know it. When I was ready to take off for Dubai with Salman, I suddenly had an acute pain in my stomach. I just couldn’t bear it.’

The doctor got him off the flight and suggested a series of complicated tests.

Sajid said: ‘Apparently my white blood cell count has shot up at an alarming rate. That needs to be checked immediately. Now I’m completely bed-ridden for some time.’

Asked if this sudden withdrawal from Salman’s entourage miffed the star.

‘Not at all!’ said Sajid. ‘In fact he was the most concerned and persuaded me to stay back,’ he added.

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