Saif Ali Khan Interview-Love Aaj Kal

Check out the intimate interview with Saif Ali Khan about his upcoming Bollywood Hindi Movie “Love Aaj Kal” with Deepika Dadukone.

Saif Ali Khan Interview-Love Aaj Kaal
Check out the intimate interview with Saif Ali Khan about his upcoming Bollywood Hindi Movie “Love Aaj Kal” with Deepika Dadukone. The movie is directed by Imtiaz Ali and will be releasing in July end. We have already interviewed Imtiaz Ali and Deepika Padukune earlier. Now it is time for Saif Ali Khan to talk to his fans.

Love Aaj Kaal - Saif Ali Khan Interview
Love Aaj Kaal - Saif Ali Khan Interview
Saif Ali Khan tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that he decided to turn a producer with Love Aaj Kal because after having spent eighteen years in the film business he wanted to be iron his own steam.

What is Love Aaj Kal about?
The story primarily is about Jai who does not believe in love and is practical. He believes that long distance relationship is a pain, so why not just be friends and not follow the heart. He comes across a person who tells him what love is all about. Imtiaz has made a simple love story and is not confusing love story as most people believe.

Do you believe in what Love Aaj Kal sets out to tell?
Love Aaj Kal has a story within a story and actually spans two different generations. It is difficult to compare cinematic love stories. They have obstacles and can change. The process of falling in love is different but the feeling is the same.

How did you zero in on a title like Love Aaj Kal?
We could not find the right title but we zeroed in on the title Love Aaj Tak because it is about people in love today and before us. We zeroed in on the title, when Imtiaz Ali gave it. Initially he had suggested that we title the film just Aaj Kal but we felt it was incomplete and hence we added Love to Aaj Kal and we felt that it was appropriate.

What made you turn into a producer?
My interest is really not in production but after 18 years of being in the field, one would want to be on one’s own steam and be creatively on your own. A lot of money is involved and your inputs mean something else. I want to learn more about business. The market earlier was different. Most of the heroes have moved on and turned actor- directors or producers. There are not many independent producers left to work with.

Did you sign Imtiaz Ali because you were bowled over by Jab We Met?
I confess that I signed on Imtiaz Ali to direct my maiden venture, because I had a great script, not just because he had made a film like Jab We Met. When you hear a good script and have a great vibe you take a decision. The clever thing an actor does is not to act but listen to the script in the drawing room.

Why did he not impose upon Imtiaz Ali to cast Kareena instead of Deepika Padukone in his maiden venture as a producer, especially more so since Kareena was keen to do the role opposite him?
You have got to believe me when I say that none of the directors listen to me. Imitaz felt that Deepika suited the role better.

How satisfied are you are with the way your maiden venture as a producer-Love Aaj Tak has shaped up?
To tell you the truth, I am quite excited because my maiden venture as a producer- Love Aaj Kal directed by Imtiaz Ali is now all set for release shortly. I am quite satisfied with the way my maiden production venture has shaped up.

How was your experience as a producer after having been an actor for the last eighteen years?
As a producer, I have certainly given it one hundred percent. Right now I am nervous since I am a newcomer as a producer. Though everything is a result of your decision, nonetheless it has been a different experience. As a producer you are never satisfied since you want more and more but my partner Dinesh Vijan and I had taken care of every detail and every thing has been organized well. We have had a great team, and I have learnt a lot in the process. I was more involved in the creative aspect of the film. But it has been an exciting journey.

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