Saheb Bibi Golam (1956) -Uttam Kumar-Sumitra Classic Bangla Movie

Saheb Bibi Golam (1956) -Uttam Kumar-Sumitra Classic Bangla Movie
Direction: Kartick Chatterjee
Story: Bimal Mitra
Music Direction: Rabin Chatterjee
Lyric: Shibdas Banerjee, Sunil Baran Dey
Playback Singers: Sandhya Mukherjee, Supriti Ghosh, Alpana Banerjee, Dhananjay Bhattacharya,
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Sumitra, Anubha Gupta, Chhaya Debi, Sumitra Debi, Jahar Ganguly, Haradhan Mukherjee, Nitish Mukherjee, Padma Debi, Pahadi Sanyal , Bhanu Banerjee, Kanu Banerjee, Nilima Debi, Tulsi Chakrabarty, Shyam Laha, Jahar Roy,
and more…..

Saheb Bibi Golam is a based on a novel by renowned writer Bilam Mitra. Uttam Kumar looks awesome in this movie. A great performance by Tulsi Chakrabarty, Bhanu Banerjee, Pahadi Sanyz`al, Sumitra. A nice movie to watch with your family and friends.

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  1. I heard it is one of the Film made, but never get chance to see it.If you kindly allow may I continue

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