SABTV hai SAB se aage


SAB has launched three new shows, and one revamped show for the 10pm primetime slots on the week days. They began the day on an auspicious note, in the morning GRP ratings of the channels revealed that channel has crossed its highest ever GRP rates in the last one year.

Marketing head Anooj Kapoor present at the occasion, informed us about the most welcomed ratings they have attained this week, “Today we have achieved our highest GRP rating that is 69 whereas our competitors are at 31. Tarak Mehta has got the highest ratings of 2.7 that have never been achieved by any comedy show, since the satellite channels came into being.” The case was reversed a year ago.

They are launching all the shows together and are confident about the success of each one. “It is the brand perception that SAB stands for comedy and also, we know how to make comedy,” he said proudly.

Looks like a little face lifting of the channel surely lifted its GRP.

– Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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