Saat Paake Bandha (2009)

Saat Paake Bandha is an upcoming Bengali feature film than brings back Jeet and Koel together once again. The film is directed by Sujit Mondal and produced by Shree Venkatesh Films.

Saat Paake Bandha (2009)
Saat Paake Bandha is an upcoming Bengali feature film than brings back Jeet and Koel together once again. The film is directed by Sujit Mondal and produced by Shree Venkatesh Films.

Saat Paake Bandha (2009) Bengali Film
Saat Paake Bandha (2009) Bengali Film

Director: Sujit Mondal
Produced by: Shree Venkatesh Films
Screenplay: N.K. Salil
Lyric: Priyo Chattapadhydy, Gautam Susmit
Music Direction: Jeet Ganguly

Venkatesh Films is releasing the much awaited “Saat Paake Bandha” at the end of May which will bring back Jeet and Koel after 3 long years.

Saat Paake Bandha -Jeet Koel Comeback Film Review
Reviewed by: Anirban De

A highly melodramatic Shree Venkatesh production directed by Sujjit Mondal based on the theme of ‘Hum Apke Dile Mein Rahte Hain’, though running successfully in the cinema halls, but the oversimplification, lack of detailing and the abrupt finish cannot make a deep impact on the critic’s mind. True that both the fans of Jeet and Koel had been fervently waiting for seeing their favourite couple act side by side but the unrealistic storyline seems to be the movie’s chief vice. So it’s only the Jeet-Koel chemistry that is the most appealing of the film. The lion’s share of the applauses in this movie should be reserved for the costume designer whose sober choice in the dresses adds a graceful dimension to the whole show.

The Storyline of “Saat Paake Bandha”
Rahul, the son of an wealthy but traditional industrialist, returned home to his father after completing his academic career in foreign lands. When the father tries to pursuade him in his marriage he puts up a fantastic condition –  that he will marry the girl of his father’s choice and will live as married couple for one year only, after which, if either of the two seems to feel distant from the other, the marriage will be called off. Surprisingly, the traditional father agrees and chooses Pallavi, his PA as the most appropriate bride.

Now Pallavi’s family comprised of her widowed mother, an elder sister deprived of her husband, a younger brother not at all competent for any job and the youngest sister getting pregnant with the boyfriend trying to avoid responsibilities. So Pallavi , just to save her family, accepted the contract much against her wishes and thus began a curious way of life with both of the wedlocked couple leading an unreal lifestyle.

Though both shared the same bed, but Rahul seemed to be oddly insensitive to Pallavi’s emotions. Thus it was not strange that he never cared to celebrate Pallavi’s birthday and his scathing remarks while appreciating Pallavi’s cooking hurt her feelings and duty seemed the only virtue that kept Rahul any closer to his wife. But the artificiality of the story is vividly brought to fore when Rahul, after quickly recovering from a comatose condition, chiefly due to Pallavi’s sincerest nursing, doesn’t hesitate to declare that the next day is the end of their contract term when he will be willingly divorcing Pallavi. Well at this point if the audience thought that the story is nearing a tragic completion, it is only the Intermission that is declared.

In the second half we see that the table turns as Rahul suddenly feels sympathetic to Pallavi and all his passions overwhelms him so much that he rushes to his in-laws’ house and requests Pallavi’s return. But no says the director, and the story goes on with Pallavi now rejecting all the ardent proposals of Rahul, be it him buying all the shares of Pallavi’s new struggling organization just to secure for himself the position of Pallavi’s boss. Surprises seem to be on store for the audience with Pallavi conceiving a child (just imagine that Rahul was in comatose for a pretty long time and the day he recovered, the couple seperated) and now Rahul, in sympathy arranges for an AC bus for her and shifts her office to the ground floor. Now the only thing that remains is revelation and Pallavi invites and insults Rahul in one of the most improbable of settings with Rahul sophisticatedly defending his views.

Finally after all these, the two again reunites in hospital bed after the severely injured Rahul takes Pallavi to the maternity ward (it is clearly indicated in the picture that Pallavi was less than seven months pregnant though she suffers serious labour pains and again when the baby was delivered no sign of immaturity is ever observed) and they celebrate the simultaneous delivery of the child and Rahul’s recovery from his critical condition. Thus family ties are again restored and the happy ending is guaranteed.

Critical Comments on the Bengali Film – “Saat Paake Bandha”
As to the acting, both Jeet and Koel presents a matured performance and Ranjit Mullick is spontaneous though age seem to take a toll on him here. Laboni Sarkar and Locket Chatterjee are also nice in their roles but the rest  supporting actors are just mediocre.

Jeet Ganguli‘s music direction is to be commended upon as to the touch of sophistication in choosing the apt locations but personally I feel that to have a more compatible ambience a more traditional site would have served better in certain occasions.

More Little Briefs:

The film is all about complete family entertainment and the story is based on a married couple. Jeet comes to India from U.K and and he is asked to get married to Koel Mullick who is a very homely girl. Jeet, being a NRI. does not want to get married to someone from Indian traditional cultite. He refuses to get married to Koel.

However, somehow he later decides to marry Koel on a contract basis. If he thinks he likes Koel after the contract period, he would extend the contract for more years.

The film has been shoot in Malayasia and Kolkata.

Story Line: The basic storyline is very similar to the Anil Kapoor – Aish blockbuster ” Hum Apke Dil Me Rahte Hain “.
Positive Side: We have been watching too much of extra marital affairs and young romantic films these days, Jeet and Koel would be a relief for all family viewers. A storyline has been tested to work previously. Sujit Mondal from Bikram Bhatt Camp is very capable director to give the film a total makeover and full of Bengali centiments.

Discussion question for CalcuttaTube users:
1. How do you feel about seeing Jeet-Koel couple once again?
2. Do you think Jeet-Koel should make more films together?

CalcuttaTube will be updating all information about the film. Special thanks goes to Shree Venkatesh Fils for proving us with exclusive coverage materials, still and more.

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172 thoughts on “Saat Paake Bandha (2009)

  1. This is the first time that I am posting some comments. It is very true that
    the story of ‘Saath Paake Bandha’ is a copy from the hindi movie ‘Hum aapke dil
    mein rehte hain’ which was infact a superhit. But the hindi movie too was a copy
    from a south-indian film. So, if we can make the hindi movie a hit, then why not
    ‘Saath paake bandha’. It is a fact that I am a huge fan of Koel Mullick and I have watched the
    movie two times. May be, slightly inclined to my likings my comments would definitely
    go positive for this movie. But still I must say one thing. Most of us watch hindi
    movies so much that we always remain unknown of the fact that what movies are there in hollywood and other industries. I love english movies very much. Infact, numerous hindi movies are also copies of english movies and other languages. So, just because this movie is a copy, so it is bad, otherwise not. Don’t say that.
    Go and watch the movie. Jeet and Koel are looking really nice together again.
    The chemistry is not at all missing. What a married couple and a girl from a
    middle class family should express. They had depicted that only.
    And one more thing too..Don’t bring comparison among the actors. Every actor give their best to prove them the best. So, Jeet and Dev, both are nice individually. Don’t compare. I loved the movie, the songs and their acting.

    And Koel di..this is for you….
    “You were looking awesome….THE BEST. God bless you always. Take care.”

    P.S.: If something wrong I have said….then I am really sorry. Please forgive.

  2. i feel really bad whenever our urban bengali friends still feel that the bengali movies are not developed so watching a bengali movie is just worthless.why we forget that its the bengalis who led the entire indian movie industry once.if there is anything wrong in hindi movies then its ok but ih it is a case oif bengali movie then people start making reverse comment .talent is talent whether it is bengali movie or a hindi movie.still there are lot of good director coming out who can make quality movies but they do not get properly produced.bcoz the producers fears that when the bengali people are not watching the movies who else? please get out of those othodox mentality and go and watch movies like “challange” and “sath pake badha” then only u will feel that bengali movie have really developed.actors like jeet,dev,rahul directors like ringo,raj chakroborty they have really brought the standards of the movies up. it is my request to all the viewers that please when somebody is diong so much of hard work to do something better then please give them ur heartfull support.

  3. Poulami n Debashish , i truly loved ur comments … i think my thoughts completely match with u both .. actually u r d ppl with whm i alwys wntd to interct n thats y i rglrly visit calcttatbe .. to search 4 sme mre ppl who shres my mntality .. THANKS A LT fr ur comments .. i realy hpe all our ‘bangali’ urban friends strt thinking like u ppl .. instd of tryng to prve their status by saying ‘ oh i dont watch bangla movies … .. ‘ on visiting calcttatbe , b n tch n watch mre n mre bangla movies .. lts jst roll on our sleeves n cheer fr tollywood together .. !!

  4. Hi Debashis and Sutlej,
    I really respect both of your comments.
    I wish that every bengali could have feel like this.If the people from other cultures can love our language, our culture, watch our movies, then why not we bengali-s.Infact I feel proud when my friends from other regions ask me to teach them bengali, ask me to send them bengali songs. Even they watch bengali movies and after watching says “Pura samajh mein nahin aaya, par jo bhi ho, achha laga yaar.:-)”
    I am not saying that every movie is worth watching. When it is really bad, we have the right to point it out. But when it is good, say good to it. No matters, whether it is a bengali movie or english or hindi or punjabi…whatever…The thing is, the movie matters.

  5. great fan of Jeet. but i don’t see yet SPB movie. becoz Bangladesh e ashte onek time lage. ahleo ta abar very bad print. best of luck Jeet.

  6. i also loved the movie…i think every1 should go & watch d movie…….dont compare their acting with kajol or anil kapoor as it is a copy of hum aapke dil mein rehte hai…..bcz our bengali r as talented as bollywood actors…….infact jeet,dev.hiran,koel,subhoshri ,priyanka
    etc have developed our tollywood industry……… plz go & watch the movie …………….u cant miss this………….koel looks awesome with her indian look…& jeet also look good…….my best wishes 4 them…..

  7. Actly Tanzim ,
    that is the problem with our industry … i still dont understand why dont our bangla films release in mumbai , bangalore ,delhi or BANGLADESH ,(a country of bengalees !!!) .. i think the producers n the othr mvie ppl shd focus on this point .. there are so many people in bangladesh who love to watch tolly films but still i dont know y our prdcrs arent tryng ( or mayb thy r but i dnt knw .. ) .. plse dr prdcrs its a request frm me that put in mre money , make smart movies with new topics and try to release thm all ovr india n .. atlst n bangladesh .. ( after all they r bengalees ) n they have every right to watch our bangla movies .. plse this will help our industry to grow wider n larger ..

    1. jano ki jeet -koel er notun film neel akashe chandni release korche 24th july.
      eso sabai mile wish kori e filmta saat pake bandha-r moto superhit hoi.

  8. i love KOEL more than my life.i collect koel’s movie when it releases.koel’s every movie is here with me & hope, i will collect all the films of my life ‘KOEL’.

    1. or is there any other site that i can watch, i know in banglatorrent, there posted this movie but there are seeder for that torrent file. So plz give some clue where we can watch this gr8y film of Jeet & Koyel



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