Ronodeep Bose on Bengali movie ‘Egaro’, grandfather Soumitra Chattopadhyay

Ronodeep Bose-Benagli ActorFeb 27, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Ronodeep Bose, the grandson of Soumitra Chattopadhyay talks about the Bengali movie Egaro, his grandfather, his inspirations. Read the intimate interview at Calcutta Tube.

The strapping, 20-year-old Ronodeep loves music more than acting. But the accolades his interpretation of the character of Abhilash Ghosh who struck the winning goal in the historic 1911 Mohan Bagan win against East Yorkshire Regiment in Egaro might make him rethink his priorities. Let us here what his experience was when he was shooting.


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Have you acted ever before?

Yes, I have done a telefilm called Amar Baba for Anjan Dutt apart from a SRFTI Diploma film. Lal Juto (Red Shoes) which won the National Award in 2005. But my inclination is more towards music than towards acting as a career.


Was your work in Egaro a learning experience?

Yes, I learnt a lot about the technical dimensions involved in front of the camera. I learnt about lighting, about taking position in front of the boom, and there was a lot to learn during our travels to shoot in towns around Kolkata. We had a blast for the 33 days of the shoot. Dipak Haldar helped me a lot and our director never imposed his will on us. Heerok Das who played Shibdas Bhaduri, also guided me through the entire schedule.


Was there a lot of emotional drainage before and after critical scenes in the film?

I cannot think before giving any shot. Before facing the camera, I make myself believe that I am actually experiencing what I have to get across, how I would react in that critical situation and so on. The rehearsals help a lot and it is also a good thing that if a shot goes wrong, you can ask for another take which you cannot do in theatre. There is no emotional drainage.


How did you land the role?

I knew Dipak Haldar, the casting director quite well. He had told me about a possible audition two years ago. But I forgot about it over time. He knew I played football and called me two years later. I was taken for the role of Abhilash Ghosh.


Was the coach Manojit Das very strict during the three-month training session?

He was strict with everyone but did not pressurize me. He scolded me a lot though. I was the youngest in the team. He would get angry when he noticed I was not taking enough interest in the practice sessions. I have been playing football ever since I can remember. So I felt I did not need practicing like the others did though two among us are professional footballers. I was pretty confident about the football part but was not confident about the acting bit.


Is the genetic factor of being the grandson of one of the greatest actors in Indian cinema – Soumitra Chatterjee, a pressure on you?

I felt tremendous pressure while the shooting was on because the media would approach me the minute they learnt I was his grandson. I was a bit scared of all that attention. I knew that people would expect much more from me and that this would bring about a lot of flak if they felt I had not been able to live up to those expectations. But it faded over time. I learnt to take it in my stride. I take acting as an enjoyable hobby. I love playing football as a leisure time activity. But I am extremely focussed on carving out a career in music. I play the Spanish guitar and am planning to study for a full-fledged Bachelor’s Association of Arts Degree in the US.


Is your grandfather your icon?

No, he is not my icon. I sincerely feel that my mom, Poulomi Bose, beats her father hollow in acting any day.

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