Rocket Mondol-Music Director-Interview

Rocket Mondol, the music director from Kolkata talks to CalcuttaTube about the his musical works in Atanu Ghosh’s upcoming movie ‘Angshumaner Chhobi’ and contemporary music in Bengali Movies. Rocket Mondol says “there are no lipped songs in Angshumaner Chhobi”.

Rocket Mondol-Music Director-Interview
Rocket Mondol, the music director from Kolkata talks to CalcuttaTube about the his musical works in Atanu Ghosh’s upcoming movie ‘Angshumaner Chhobi‘ and contemporary music in Bengali Movies. Rocket Mondol says “there are no lipped songs in Angshumaner Chhobi”.

The Music Release of Angshumaner Chobi will be on Wednesday, August 19, 2009, at Planet M, between 3:00pm – 4:00pm
The songs in the movie are sung by Rupam Islam, Subhomita, Pratik Chowdhury, Sumana, Anwesha and Surojit-Soumita(Bhoomi) and composed by Rocket Mondel with lyrics by Suchandra Chowdhury, the songs represent a wide genre of music, like country, western melody and folk rock

Angshumaner Chhobi-Rocket Mondol Interview
Angshumaner Chhobi-Rocket Mondol Interview

Calcutta Tube: Please tell something about the music of Angshumaner Chhobi.
Rocket Mondol: Angshumaner Chhobi is not any typical Bengali film. It is a different kind of a movie and I have put music into this movie according to the script and the story. There are no situational songs.

Calcutta Tube: How is the music of Angshumaner Chhobi different from the music used in Bengali mainstream cinema?
Rocket Mondol: The music used in Angshumaner Chhobi is very different from the mainstream Bengali movies. There aren’t any lipped songs in Angshumaner Chhobi. All the songs run in background. I composed a westernized folk, which is a fusion between folk and rock, for the movie. There is a melodious song by Shubhomita. The title song is sung by Anwesha. There is a western country music type song that is sung by the Bhoomi and Suman sang a slow rock type song.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B0023GFG6W” display=”inlinepost”]Calcutta Tube: We do not see much traditional Bengali music and instruments being used in the mainstream Bengali movies these days as we did some time back. The Bengali movie songs are now more or less dominated by Bollywood songs. How good or bad is this?
Rocket Mondol: The Bengali movie music is totally dominated by the Bollywood. And it is not about something good or bad. It is more of a recent trend that is being followed in the Bengali cinema these days, and it brings the box office hits. People are listening to that kind of music. Atanu has used different kind of music in Angshumaner Chhobi. But when I work with other directors, they often tell me to make popular music that people can dance with. They would not accept something that does not go with dance. And if I do not make that kind of music, I cannot survive in the industry.

Calcutta Tube: When you are working in a movie, you do not have much freedom as a music director?
Rocket Mondol: Most of the time, I do not have any freedom as a music director. The demands do not always come from the directors, they often come form the producers. The want the shootings to be done in abroad and songs to with the such scenes in the movie.

Calcutta Tube: Even a few years back, the music of Bengali movies were really bad. Has it slightly improved these days?
Rocket Mondol: I do not know if they have improved. The lyrics are obviously changed these days. I really do not know what to say. ‘Krishno Korlei Leela, Ami Korlei Beela‘ – would you call it good lyrics? But they are super duper hit. A few days back I made a song called ‘Jhin Kur Kur’. I do not even call it a song. It may sound strange, but I can’t help saying that.

Calcutta Tube: The educated middle class stopped going to the movie halls some time back. Now they have started going back to the movie halls again. So is it a better trend on the whole both in context of Bengali films and movie songs?
Rocket Mondol: I would not call it a better trend. It is true that people are watching Bengali movies, but that is mostly the rural folks. Most of the Bengali movies are made keeping the rural audience in mind.

Calcutta Tube: So have we not yet reached the situation where the urban audience are going to the movies a lot?
Rocket Mondol: No we have yet achieved that yet. Even the box office hit movies make almost all the money from the rural sectors. They do not fetch much money in the urban multiplexes. And they are have to shoot the films in abroad to bring the audience to the movie halls. The rural audience wants to see foreign countries on the screen.

Calcutta Tube: As an creative person and a musician, does it hurt you? How do you feel about all these things being inside the system?
Rocket Mondol: It hurts me that I have to copy from the Bollywood. I do not always get much scope to make original music. But when I do, it feels great. There are some instances where I get more freedom to work. Angshumaner Chhobi is one of such films where I got the total freedom for my work and more time span to complete everything. I have worked with Atanu before in his other films. Working with hims is always a great experience.

Watch the Trailer of Angshumaner Chhobi

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Interviewed by: Shrabanti Basu

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  1. It’s quite clear that Rocket Mondol is nothappy with the atmosphere he has to work in.I think he will get more scope for his”original music” if he moves away fromcommercial movies,because the latter wouldnot give him the scope to experiment,as he wishes.However,I do not agree with the factthat bengali cinema is still made keeping only rural viewers.Movies like PJJR,Challenge did extremely well here.He seems a talented director and should utilise his talent well.Songs of Angshumaner Chhobi are good.

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