Robot (2010) Hindi Movie Review-Rating-Bollywood Box Office

Endhiran-The Robot-Rajanikanth with Aishwarya
Endhiran-The Robot-Rajanikanth with Aishwarya

August 1, 2010, KOLKATA (Calcutta Tube): ROBOT, the 2010 Bollywood Movie starring RAJANIKANTH and AISHWARYA RAI is a big Hit at the Box Office. Directed by Shankar ROBOT is a classic Indian Sci-Fi. Enjoy the complete Hindi Movie review of ROBOT at Calcutta Tube.

Film: ‘Robot’;

Cast: Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Danny Denzongpa;

Director: S. Shankar;

Rating: 3/5

Those in the know are aware that ‘superstar’ Rajnikanth is perceived to be in the image of god. Rajni makes fewer mistakes during the course of a film, than god. In ‘Robot’ this perception is taken a step further as Rajni creates a robot – in his own image.

Robotics scientist Vashikaran (Rajni) creates a humanoid robot Chitthi (Rajni). After Chitthi’s inability to feel causes him to be rejected from inclusion in the Indian Army, Vashikaran tries to create feelings in him, and thanks to a freak of nature, succeeds. Only it causes problems, as Chitthi falls in love with Vashikaran’s fiancee Sana (Aishwarya Rai). As the creator and creation are locked in a jealous battle against each other, the jealous robotics scientist Dr. Bohra plans to misuse Chitthi for wrong objectives.

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Anyone who has seen a Rajnikanth film understands that often it is not the story that makes the film a success, but Rajni’s antics. There are plenty of them in the film. And, for once, his conception as a robot gives Rajni the logic, to lack logic.

There are gravity defying stunts, shooting with a finger, running horizontally at high speed on the side of a train, flying cars and bikes, corny but hilarious dialogues — e.g. after grabbing and pointing scores of guns at the police, he says ‘Happy Diwali’ before firing a salvo of bullets; or when the robot is asked his address and gives his IP address. It’s not just god, the universe and its logic itself is recreated in the film.

Director Shankar who has a penchant for double image, multiple images and split images of his heroes returns this time with hundreds of images of Rajnikanth. The inspiration of Hollywood, most predominantly the ‘Matrix’ trilogy (stunts choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping of ‘Matrix’ fame), ‘The Mask’, ‘I, Robot’, and many Frankenstein movies are evident, but not overbearing.

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Where Shankar scores is the ingenious conception of stunts. The allegedly ‘poorer’ cousin of Bollywood, the south Indian film industry, has been growing leaps and bounds in the special effects department. And with a little help from Hollywood, like in ‘Robot’, it soars.

‘Robot’, however, cannot boast of good music, so crucial for an Indian film. A.R. Rahman’s decision to rely on robotic sounds, which we have heard close to three decades back in films like ‘Robocop’, fails to inspire. He could have at least conceptualized them more intelligently.

The Hindi dubbed version is saved by Swanand Kirkire‘s translation that prevents the dialogues from becoming jarring like previous dubbings of South Indian films. Yet, he could not salvage the songs, whose gibberish lyrics are seemingly out of a time warp from films in the 1990s (remember the Prabhu Deva starrer ‘Kadhalan’ again directed by Shankar with music composed by Rahman).

Aishwarya‘s character is as conventional as expected. She’s the chaste love interest, the damsel in distress who has time and again to be saved from being raped, and who is nothing more than eye candy.

Two words begin with the letter ‘R’ and are synonymous: Religion and Rajnikanth. A third has now been added to cinema folklore, ‘Robot‘. And with the largest number of prints ever for an Indian film and a global release, this sexagenarian actor might still enter world cinema folklore. After all, Rajnikanth can make no mistakes.

50 thoughts on “Robot (2010) Hindi Movie Review-Rating-Bollywood Box Office

  1. Watched this movie. Proud to see an Indian movie like this… Mr. Rajni rocks as Robot.A great Visual Treat….I loved it….

  2. Fuck off… Bekaar moviê rajni beta tu budda ho gaya sale mar ja ek bhi fight sahi lada .. Aur ek baat tere se achi dabangg achi ha sallu rocks asli mard hai salman khan

      1. bitch boy licker…..i know sallu is pretty young….
        per tere jaise jadhe ko koi kabhi nahi nahi sudhar shaktha hai….
        i did c that movie … of the best indian sci-fi movie….which entertain evey one the most…..
        now dont kiss ma butt…..or else teri mein outta otta ke ghaand pad daloon ga….not like sallu(dhaaabbang) style…
        but like rajini robot style….
        rajini the boss
        aur salle shaibaz ghandu….
        is dabangg a movie…i got headache….landu dont say that a better one…
        indian rock….thanks to shankar & rajini

    1. Hi Shanaz,
      This shows a very bad reflection on our north indian community(after reading ur comments).Atlease if we are not appreciating, we should not give bad comments like this. I can see that 9 out of 10 pupil like this movie very much. Already this movie is a super-hit in US,Frace,Singapore,Malaysia,Dubai and even in India. I am staying in Singapore and I can see that more Chinese and western pupil come and watch this movie. They really appreciated this movie. I have lot of Chinese and Western friends. Normally their opinion abount Bollywood movie is just hero and heroin will run around the tree. But this movie make everyone proud.

      1. dekho yar tum samjdar or educated insan lagty ho is tarah bekar ky chezo main kese ky dharan ko gali dena achi bat nahi,, I hope u understand what I mean,,

      2. haye,i m a muslim and 1st of aal tmhe indion hone k natay muslims k liye aise alfaz ka use nai karna chaye and i think k tmhara muzhib b tjhe kisi oar k muzhib k baray aisi lose taking se mana karta h,now i wil give cments of robot i like so much rajni and aish g apka to main bchpn se e fain hn nd if shahrukh khan wil b on the place of rajni may b k film itna raj na karti oar shayd k karti b,

  3. Bekaar movie rajnikanth sale marja budde mere khayal se todhi nahi balke bohath over style marta hai nalayak …….. Upps phir se ek baar fuck off..:-):-D;-( haha ha

    1. madarchod whome you to say like this… chuthya.. shark…chuth aur salmankhan chuth ko chatnewala thuh suvar kaheka…

  4. To simply put, the movie is absurd and rajnikant looks too old and no good songs (1 is decent). As usual outrageous getups and makeups. Absolutely no charaterization for other artist at all

  5. Amazing movie!! I never liked Rajini, but as an Indian, I’m proud that we are making such good quality movies! This can easily be mistaken for a Hollywood movie!

  6. love u Rajnikant ,after watching this movie its confirmed that now india is in race with hollywood.Great work dear keep it up…..

  7. WOW… What an amazing movie….. Love to see an indian movie reaching such an international standard…..
    JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Pavan,

    Ask shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh! Seeing the response for the movie they would be blaming themselves for not making a good decision for letting this movie go from their grasp. Rajini took a risk of 150 crores. You cannot expect rewards without taking Risk. Sorry folks, movie is a big hit because it is going to be a standard for future Indian movies

  9. Movie is am.azing….all haters sorry…movie is a megahit….ur problem is that u understimate south indians…if rajnikanth do superhuman things..there are so many bolly movies like DHOOM Series do many thngs like this…so live it as an indian we can be proud of it..JAI HIND

    haters fuck off

  10. Let us be democratic. Vast majority of comments say a brilliant movie, and critisizers are in total minority.Let us give a credit where it deserves. Please do not use the foul language in your comments.
    Let us maintain our culture.

  11. Well said, VIC.

    Let us come out from short and narrow minded thinking.Hope we all educated,cultured and try to appreciate others.I would take this as a healthy competition between south and north.Ofcourse as an Indian, I am very proud for such a movie. I appreciate the entire team of ROBOT.I am not ashmed of accepting that south indians are talented in all fields.

  12. Hi Guys!!!!

    I would say the effort put by the entire crew members of Robot should really be appreciated… Let me give my honest view after watching the movie…. for the 1st time in indian film industry i have seen a movie like this…. and Rajini sir has done to his best as usual…. Its easy for the criticizer to use foul languages and say its a bad movie… but just see the hard work put by them…

    I personally feel its a awesome in a hollywood style… Really appreciate shankar for such a wonderful job done…. Ought to watch with you entire family… Kids will just enjoy the movie to the core….

    Hats Off Team!!!!!!! AMAZING I BOW YOU ALL!!!!

  13. hey you all haters and narrow minded freaks cant accept Rajini acting like this,Shahrukh neglected this movie bcoz it was a south indian director, he was criticizing Our superstar in NDTV program… thala vacharula aapu… he did it he did it best.Superstar lives long

  14. This is a fantastic movie as a whole. A trend setter. Over all whether be a south or North india, we are all Indians and we should give honest comments.

    The Technology and storyline was really good to a standard of Hollywood. It is an effort made by Indians as a whole and if we have enough fund we can challenge Hollywood Movies.

  15. We should appreciate the people who have talents, whether it is north or south, all are Indians only. As Indian this movie is great. People who saw with me also feel the same. But basically I am from north I feel little jealous. Overall this movie is great.

    1. Whats the crap comments submitted by some people here. I am surprised to understand that still there are some people out there who still want to divide India on geographic lines, when at the same time the government(comprising of people from north,south,west,east) is trying to make India Super Power…it is this very mentality due to which we gave way to Britishers and other rulers and still no reformation. What kind of jealous, some body is speaking about, somebody is speaking South, some North…then why dont you all also start giving comments when ISRO launches a satellite…oh its a South Indian oh..its a north indian scientist…plz remember in the international arena…its only Indian & no South, north, east,or west & each Indian has to try lots outside India to make other nationalities appreciate our work, other than our other counterparts.Thus we have many other areas to come together and exhibit a strong force called India and not to get indulged in such crapy comments.

  16. sale maderchod katte bulle tu kya jane rajnikant kon hai he is a star of the millennium my dear friend uske samne big b bhi khada nahi ho sakta aur tu usko salman ke sath compair kar raha hai……………….

  17. great story & action (only songs sucks!!!)

    i will surelly rate it 4/5 or even 4.5/5 but as its songs sucks and lot of place hero saved due to completeing the movie so 4/5 is ok.for eg. in marrage robot should have killed him.well action are good not expected by bollywood and yes story is good when u place it in relaity.

  18. madarchooooooooooooooooooooodddddddd!!!
    teri maa ka bhosda madarchod….shaibaz
    madarchod sci-fi ka matlab pata hain saale…its d best bollywood sci-fi muvie evr…jus go thru som of the facts nd details of the on going bolly muvies…aur madarchod agle baar comment karne se pehle soch lio…warna teri maaaaaaaaa ki……
    samajh jaaa madar kinner…

  19. here is a personal comment 4 u Mr. Temp alias madarchoddddddddddd….. evn aftr tousnds of yrs if u remain alive u vil remain d same mother fucker…bullshitt 2 all dos who comment absurd particularly on ne religion…shaibaaz is a muslim or nt dat dosn’t matter bt 4 u i wana comment dat ur religion is jus a fuckin one nd nothng else…..i jus pray 4 ur mother whum u fuck day long…may her soul rest in peace…aur madarchodd agle baar se comment kispe karna hain sochlio…b proud 2 b n INDIAN…

  20. nd herz one more comment 4 PAVAN…no slangs 4 u bt jus wana remind u of d achievements of all dos ppl abt whum u commentd…either u aint aware of the present bolly scenario…A.R.Rahman has made his way 2 the Oscars..hs won many awards..achieved many national nd international…his muzzzic mks alive the dead ones..i request u 2 keep minimum info. abt the present world and al dos ppl whum u r speaking vil definitely b better 4 ur personal IQ as well as 4 ur health too….evrything seems 2 be incomplte if i dont add up a slang 4 u dear…sooooo herz 1 dedicated only to u.
    HARAMI saaaleeee…repeat na kario…

  21. I feel so envy on Indian movie industry. It’s new era for indian movie industry. Even though I am Pakistani. I love AR Rahman and his songs on this movie. The techno songs are so nice!
    May Allah bless him.

    1. Dear Mr Javed,

      So you want Allah to bless AR Rahman and not the special effects team who have done most of the hard work in this movie.

  22. guys why r u fighting n making dirty words while commenting. if u dont like then say in a good language why use vulgar words.personally i like this has break the records of dabang and 3 will superduperhit this year.

  23. This movie is a milestone in Indian cinema, specially in the special effects field. AR Rahman has composed two melodious songs though they cannot be ranked amongst his best. Above all, it is an extremely bold effort to make a sci-fi movie that directly conveys the message that mankind has started to play the role of God and the result could be either constructive or destructive. Critics of this movie are either brainless to understand science fiction or expect even more from Indian movie makers on par with movies like Matrix.

  24. awesome movie…
    please, no discrimanation among muslims, hindus, christians, and other religious stuff. and please no discriminations like north indians, south-indians, east, west indians, etc.

  25. guys, we all must be proud of Rajinikanth
    he has done a great job
    and scolding him in foul language doesn’t help anyone. it just increases YOUR B.P.
    hats off, superstar Rajini

  26. Wow realy a amazing movie….infact it’s also a realy expensive film of bollywood…with the money they made this film the could do other 9-10 movies…

  27. In 2010 indian cinema box office hit on robot flim.

    In total south side take over the collection and profit

    Rajini can do hard work on this flim.

    Director shankar do great job. But this flim shine kamalhasan or sharuk can do the role. This flim rise up to challenge bollywood.

    Rajini is old, but gold.

    Rahman score background only.

    I like shankar one of the best story is “indian” flim, is great compared other shankar flim.

    We all indian, not south or north, muslim or hindu, rich or old.

    If u show divided that only reason indian fall.

    So make unity.

    Rajini next flim is ranaa. Its budget is 2000 million indian rupees.
    This emperor flim, this flim director is k.s. Ravikumar. We all know dasavatar flim director.

    I am indian.

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