Rituparna Sengupta: Wear things that are comfortable during Durga Puja (Interview)


September 15, 2010, KOLKATA (Calcutta Tube): Bengali Film actress Rituparna Sengupta has ruled Tollywood in recent times portraying a surprisingly wide range of characters throughout her career, and today Rituparna Sengupta is a household name. Yet she says family is the thing that matters to her most. Gourav Mukherjea catches up with the actress as she announced the launch of her upcoming film Life Express on Saturday in Kolkata.

What influenced you to do this movie?

Anoop Das, the debutant director, is Bengali but he is working on a Hindi film. That is what I really appreciate. But the idea of playing a surrogate mother influenced me to act, since it is a very bold subject and surely it will give a boost to every woman.

What are the aspects, that you see before signing a film?

I constantly grab roles that aren’t easy. My last film Arohaan, had a different as well as a strong subject. So does this one. The story is very relevant in today’s life. And it is bound to touch a woman’s heart.

How do you relate the film with today’s society?

Nowadays things have changed a lot; life has changed in our society. Time has become too short and every one is getting so career oriented that they often give less importance to their family and loved ones. The concept came very appealing to me. And as a citizen, I feel like highlighting these type of concepts for the society.

How was it sharing screen space with Divya Dutta?

Divya has done a wonderful job. Her rustic character and my corporate avatar created a contrast in the film’s outlook.

Can you relate your life with the film?

Yes, this film has shown me an in-depth meaning. My life is very fast and I portray different characters. One of an actress, the other of a mother and a wife. I shuttle between Kolkata and abroad to give time to my family. To me, family matters the most.

After your father’s demise, how is life different from the past?

It is like a hand which used to be on my head is no more. It is true that no one on earth can fulfil that space. Though I mourn his loss, now I have a family and my child and husband need me most. So, I need to look after them. And may be, that is why we say, ‘life goes on’.

What are your plans for the upcoming Puja?

Before the Puja I will fly to Nepal to shoot for a film. Then I will be off to New York for a special screening on Utsab, Na Jane Kyun, Paromitar Ek Din and others. So, maybe, I would not be able to stay in Kolkata in the Puja. But most importantly, during the Puja, wherever I stay, I will relax.

Any tips for Puja fashion to the youngsters?

Stay elegant. Wear things that are comfortable. Try to go for ethnic wear, it looks great in the Puja season. And above all, stay away from trouble.

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