Rishi Kapoor-Do Dooni Char-Interview

Rishi Kapoor in an intimate interview about his roles in upcoming movies Do Dooni Char and Love Aaj Kaal.

Rishi Kapoor-Do Dooni Char-Interview

Rishi Kapoor in an intimate interview about his roles in upcoming movies Do Dooni Char and Love Aaj Kaal.

The favourite lover boy of Bollywood fans for over decades, Rishi Kapoor will next be seen in Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal. Here is a brief tête-à-tête with the veteran star.

You still possess the same energy and passion for cinema like that of your younger days and have not changed.

(Laughs) No, No, I have put on a lot of weight now, there comes by few roles that you pick and chose, I enjoy working even today and I am still passionate about cinema. Unfortunately, very few roles are written for actors our age. One can’t keep repeating the father and brother roles. You have to choose and pick the best amongst the lot. The character has to be an intrinsic part of the plot. But technically, films have become more superior.

What is your opinion of heroes who are in their 40’s and still dominating the screen?

I think I was the only actor who worked beyond his 40’s as a hero. I worked with the youngest lot of heroines like Juhi Chawla and Divya Bharati in Deewane. No hero has beaten me to it.

What do you feel about cinema today?

The days of silver jubilees, golden jubilees, and even diamond jubilees of films are no longer there. I feel proud that I stood the chance of having those jubilees and trophies to my name. Today it is the era of the multiplexes. Only the initial days are counted.

Tell us about your role in Love Aaj Kal. You are making a comeback with your wife?

I play the character of Veer Singh Panesar along with Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone. Neetu has just given one obliging shot in the movie. You have all got it wrong. She is not doing a full-fledged role. We are actually making a comeback with another film titled Do Dooni Char being directed by Habib Faizal. I am playing a school teacher and she plays my wife in the movie. Love Aaj Kal is a film about what people perceive of love today. It’s is a film about relationships. I perceive Saif as the younger Rishi Kapoor in the movie as I take him through the journey of my love story.”

Can you tell in two lines what Do Dooni Char is all about?

The film is very close to my heart. We play a Punjabi couple in the film. I play a math teacher who is trying to make ends meet by teaching in a school, and giving tuitions by the night.

What is your perception of love?

Love during our times was pure. We used to woo girls over a cup of coffee. Our commitments were serious. Today love is more physical. It’s too big an ambit to talk about. How was it working with Saif and Deepika? Saif is a wonderful boy, a wonderful producer. He has done a brilliant job. So has Deepika. She is a competent actress. The film belongs to both of them.

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