Rimi Sen in Sankat City-Interview

Rimi Sen, the lovely daughter of Moonmoon Sen will be seen in the upcoming Bollywood comedy Film “Sankat City”. Rimi Sen talks about Sankat City and her future projects. Check out the intimate interview with Rimi Sen.

Rimi Sen in Sankat City-Interview

Rimi Sen, the lovely daughter of Moonmoon Sen will be seen in the upcoming Bollywood comedy Film “Sankat City“. Rimi Sen talks about Sankat City and her future projects. Check out the intimate interview with Rimi Sen.

Sankat City-Comedy Hindi Movie
Sankat City-Comedy Hindi Movie
Tell us something about your film Sankat City?
It’s a comedy film, kind of slapstick but a movie that you can watch. The storyline and characterisation is good. It is a situational comedy but more sensible than any other comedy film. They have not done over the top to get the attention of audience

There are many characters in this flick so do you think justice was done to your character in the film?
I did this film because it’s a nice role. There is no main character as such in the film. Each and everyone are playing an important part. My character is like a bindaas girl who speaks in tapori language like oh teri… For the first time I felt like playing a real life character as in real I’m similar to this. I don’t think much before talking to any one

Do you remember any funny incident while shooting was this film?
There was one scene where we all had to shoot in a place where garbage is kept. There is this big garbage dump in Mumbai where we shot for the whole day and even had lunch with mask on our faces. After pack up, we all rushed to our homes without saying anything for a good bath. This is something we could not imagine doing but was a nice experience at the end.

What is your expectation from this film?
I am not saying that this film should become a super hit and churn in lots of money but I would say watch this for the director Pankaj Advani who is a good writer too. I want this film to be noticed by public and what he deserves he should get it.

After Dhoom you were not much seen in big banners playing glam roles? Was this a conscious decision?
I don’t want to do glam roles and become puppets in those big banner movies. For now I’m happy doing small films. Till the time I don’t prove my self in small budget movies I will not get a meaty role in big banner films.

How the girls are used for the glamour quotient in these big movies, I will be used in the same way. So it’s better to focus on acting and once you are recognised then can demand for a good role in big banners.

What kind of role you want to play?
It’s not that I want a noble price for my character in the film but a role which is noticeable. I should get a role where I can show my talent not just that there has to be a heroine and you are there.

Which film did you enjoyed the most in your career?
Jhonny Gaddar’ was one of my favourite films. Surprisingly I did not enjoy in working with a big budget movies. In small banner movies you get to work with good directors. There are big films too but if the character is not so good then you won’t enjoy.

I also enjoyed working with Ritesh, Ayesha and Aftab in ‘De Tali’.  Unfortunately the film did not work but my role was nice and enjoyed while shooting. Also ‘Sankat City’ I enjoyed the most. Sitting for long hours and waiting for the scene to come which has just one dialogue with the actor is something what I don’t like.

Don’t you think big banner movies with big star sell more than small budget movies?
Yes and that’s the reason I am taking those small banner films which gets released in a proper way. I will not go for all the flicks which have good script as then what’s the use if that particular project doesn’t get the right exposure. I know that now Mosebaer will release the film in a proper procedure.

For two years I have just done big banner films but it was not profitable for me. Films like ‘Phir Hera Pheri’, ‘Golmaal’, ‘Dhoom’ etc but honestly I did not get that exposure. Only ‘Hungama’ gave me the proper platform and others were like using me as furniture in their film.

Silver screen is mostly male oriented so do you think that female lead does get that importance? Your comment…
Male oriented ho but when there is a female in a parallel lead role give her some part to play in the film at least. Just to show the glamour quotient of the actress is not fair as this can be done by anyone. Now this depends on individuals of what they want. I want to focus on acting rather than just being a glam doll.

I don’t say that I will not go for such kind of role but at the same time my character in the film should also be defined. There is only one situation when I don’t have work and is tired then I may have to go and do such films.

What are your other projects beside Sankat City?

I am doing a film with Tigmanshu Dhulia called Showman. I play a fat girl in the film which is far away from glam roles. It was very difficult to play that role as it took me 4 hours to get my make-up and attire done while two hours for removing all that. Shooting kum and makeup zaada hai film main. It was a good experience as he has given me a better character to play. -Rachana Trivedi/sampurn

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