Rights panel orders compensation for delayed pension

New Delhi, July 7 (Calcutta Tube) The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has asked the Uttar Pradesh government to pay Rs.50,000 as compensation to the kin of a government employee who died after waiting more than 10 years for her pension, a statement said Tuesday.

Champa Devi, who retired as a health inspector from a primary health centre in Uttar Pradesh in 1992, ran from pillar to post for more than 10 years to get her pension.

‘Ironically, the order for payment of her pension was passed by the directorate of pensions Feb 11, 2004, eleven years after her retirement and a month after her death Jan 7, 2004,’ the NHRC statement said.

After constant reminders by the commission, the directorate informed that the pension was paid to the Champa Devi’s two sons Oct 26, 2004, and claimed that the delay was caused by the health department.

Holding it to be a ‘clear case of human rights violations’, the commission said: ‘Whoever was responsible for the delay, the fact still remains that the poor pensioner could not get her pension during her lifetime and the state government cannot escape its liability to compensate her next of kin.’

‘Pension to a retired government servant is a means to allow him/her to live with some dignity which is a part of human rights,’ the statement said.

The NHRC has sought a compliance report along with proof of payment within six weeks from the date of the receipt of its recommendation from the state government.

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