Reservoir worth Rs.1 crore houses pigs and cattle in Delhi

New Delhi, Feb 17 (Calcutta Tube) Nearly Rs.1 crore (Rs.10 million) were spent on developing a water supply system in a colony in southwest Delhi but a recent inspection revealed that the place now houses pigs and cattle.

This came to light when the Central Information Commission (CIC) was hearing an appeal of Jawahar Singh who had asked if any fund has been set aside for water development in Pocket-4 of Bindapur in southwest Delhi.


‘A discussion with about 15 officers of the Delhi government who have come, indicates that DDA (Delhi Development Authority) appears to have spent about Rs.1 crore for laying a system of pipes and underground reservoir. DJB (Delhi Jal Board) claims that when the joint inspection was done it was found that the reservoir had no pipes or equipment for pumping, and it was housing pigs and cattle,’ Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi noted in his order.


The DJB official told the commission that there is no system in place by which ‘water supply of Bindapur Pocket-4 can be ensured and it is not known what happened to the money spent’.


‘The officers present tell the commission that Bindapur Colony Pocket-4 is an authorized colony developed by DDA and there is difficulty in supplying water to this colony. Around this colony there are unauthorized colonies where the government is finding it easy to supply water,’ Shailesh Gandhi noted.


Criticising the Delhi government for not being able to supply water in an authorised colony, Gandhi said: ‘It is apparent that Delhi government is incapable of supplying water which is a basic function which the government has to fulfil. Inspite of two chief secretaries loftily committing that water has to be supplied to this colony, there is no urgency or will to ensure that water is supplied.’


‘This despicable pushing the blame within the government can continue for decades without fulfilment of a simple promise made to this colony. This commission has no authority in this matter but will send a copy of this decision to the chief minister of Delhi in the hope that a promise made by the government to Bindapur Colony Pocket-4 can be fulfilled,’ he noted in his order.

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