Uttam - Suchitra

Remembering Suchitra Sen

Remembering Suchitra Sen

On April 6th, the dream girl of Bengal Suchitra Sen tuens 78. CalcuttaTube wishes a very happy birthday to the living legend of Bengali Cinema. When her grand daughters (Raima and Ria Sen) are now trying hard for their positions in Indian cinema, and the craze for her daughter Moonmoon Sen seems to dry down heavily, Suchitra Sen still manages to live in dreams of numerous Bengalis. There is nothing new to talk about her as we all know her well. We appreciate her movies with Uttam Kumar more than anything. Even in this digital age, we care to sit with whole faily to watch Saptapadi or Ora Thake Odharey. Suchitra Sen ruled the Tollywood Bengali film industry for almost three decades from 50s to 70s. The quality of Bengali films started to deteriorate during late 70′s and continue for a long time. Suchita Sen last appeared on Pranay Pasha (Gamble of Love), in 1978. Uttam – Suchitra together redefined the “romance” in Bengali life. A then somewhat conservative Bengali minds learn to love singing “Ei Poth Jidi Na Sesh Hoy Tobe Keon Hoto”. Suchitra Sen is the first Indian actress to be awarded in an international film festival (Best Actress award for the movie Saat Paake Bandha in 1963 Moscow film festival).
Notably, she allegedly refused the Dadasaheb Phalke Award (the Indian equivalent of a lifetime Oscar) in 2005, preferring to live in seclusion out of the public eye. Sen made her debut in films with Shesh Kothaay in 1952, but the film was never released.  The following year saw her act opposite Uttam Kumar in Sharey Chuattor. The film became a box-office hit and it was remembered for launching Uttam-Suchitra as a leading pair.

Uttam - Suchitra

Uttam - Suchitra

Please take a moment and say belated Happy Birthday to Suchitra Sen.

Watch Surjo Dobar Pala
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Chhabi Biswas Singers: Hemanta Mukherjee, Geeta Dutt Movie: Indrani (1958)

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5 thoughts on “Remembering Suchitra Sen”

  1. Every year 6th April hits the calender. My soul gets enchanted with her birthday! And what a birth in the soil of greater bengal—the birth of a living legend. my parental roots dates back to the time of undivided india, when calcutta was the the throbbibg seat of learning, and vibrant cutural activites, of songs andliterature, of thetre and cinema. We can a name a long lists of the gaints that have gone by and remains deep in our heart. Uttam suchitra roman pauir on the bengali screen has been all time hit for more than five decades and this pair will in the hearts of millon bangalees across the world.
    i was born on 2nd april in calcutta and carry fresh memories of my nostalgic childhood, with my parents, aunts and uncles. i am proud that my birth was so close to hers and by years she has been always potryaed as divnely motherly to me. God bless the legend with good health and hers my personal best greetings, though not late, but with deep respect and love.

    1. Sir, Are you the writer of “Bilete Sarhe Saatsho Din”? I read it as a text book in my Matric Exam. in 1960 in erstwhile East Pakistan.

  2. Yes, I am a writer and columnist at a different angle – not the one you mentioned honorably. When it comes to suchitra-Uttam, bengalees melt with pride for their art and artistic rendering. There is none to match their brilliant performance in the big screen. Uttam was a living legend of his time and in his death he is still alive in the hearts of millions and will remain so for ever. Suchitra is unparalleled in the industry. No one can replace her matchless beauty. She is indeed motherly to me.

    Dr A Hye
    New York

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