Reliance MediaWorks expands 3D capabilities to entire film industry

Los Angeles, Aug 26 (Calcutta Tube) Expanding alliances with leading 3D solution providers in Hollywood, Reliance MediaWorks Ltd, a member of the Reliance ADA group, is offering integrated 3D services across the entire film services value chain.

With a seamless link to India-based capacities for conversion of Digital Images and Digital Cinema packages on fibre optic link between Los Angeles and Mumbai, the company now offers new integrated 3D services for any type of 3D alignment issues, image and detail enhancements, grain and noise management and on-set consulting.

Reliance MediaWorks Burbank (formerly known as Lowry Digital) has taken its well-established proprietary image processing technologies to create powerful new tools for all types of 3D project requirements, India’s fastest growing film and entertainment services company announced.

In addition to producing a superior image quality, the company’s advanced processes alleviate the eye strain that has historically plagued 3D distribution and projection, it said.

Reliance MediaWorks Burbank facility has performed image and detail enhancements, vertical and horizontal alignments issues and ‘911 emergency’ fixes for 3D versions of ‘Avatar’, ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’, ‘U2’, ‘X Games 3D: The Movie and Step Up’, among others.

Reliance MediaWorks is also expanding its partnerships and is in discussions with leading 3D Solution providers in Hollywood to offer end-to-end integrated 3D solutions.

The company has already worked closely with recognised Hollywood 3D pioneers on films or projects that originated in 3D or 2D to bring the best possible stereoscopic 3D images to cinema screens.

Reliance MediaWorks can both offer high end services within its own facility in Burbank, as well as tapping into the quality and scale of services available through Reliance MediaWorks’ operations in India which includes a team of more than 400 trained 3D artists, it said.

The company’s Indian operation also offers 3D DI grading and digital cinema package (DCP) creation and handling capabilities.

To further enhance the synergy between the services offered by Reliance MediaWorks across three continents, the company operates a first of its kind, optical fibre network, through Reliance Globalcom’s Ethernet Private Line. This network can support seamless high-speed exchange of data across locations and services.

Commenting on the expansion of 3D capabilities, Anil Arjun, CEO of Reliance MediaWorks said: ‘Reliance MediaWorks Burbank is recognized as Hollywood’s most advanced Image Processing and Enhancement facility and has had the privilege of working on some prestigious 3D movies.

‘With the new sophisticated proprietary 3D solutions, coupled with our large facilities in India and partnerships with Hollywood leaders in the space, we look forward to deliver unparalleled results for a variety of applications and ultimately help filmmakers in creating the finest possible 3D experience.’

The company currently has a dominant and comprehensive presence in Film Services: Motion Picture Processing and DI; Visual Effects; Animation; Film Restoration and Image Enhancement; 3D; Digital Mastering: Studios and Equipment rentals with presence across India, US, Britain and Japan.

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