Record 5.2 million iPhones activated in US

San Francisco, Oct 22 (DPA) A record 5.2 million iPhones were activated in the last quarter by AT&T, which holds exclusive rights to the hit device in the US, the telecom giant has said.

The record-setting sales mark beat the previous record of 3.2 million iPhones that AT&T sold in the prior quarter, when Apple’s iPhone 4 first hit the market.

Apple announced record revenue and profits thanks largely to the huge demand for its smartphone, as it sold 14.1 million units around the world in its third quarter.

The strong iPhone sales helped AT&T achieve record revenue of $31.58 billion and profit of $12.34 billion, the company said Thursday.

With rumours swirling that Apple could soon launch the iPhone on the largest US mobile network Verizon, AT&T appeared to confirm speculation that its days of iPhone exclusivity may be numbered as it heavily promoted competing smartphones in its financial presentation.

Products from Google Android, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, HP’s webOS, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and Nokia’s Symbian were shown, as well as an Amazon Kindle, but no iPhone.

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