Reality Bites: TV Stars show their true colors!


Our Television celebs deliver the impression of a typical character that is assigned to them; then be it anything- from a happy-go-lucky character to a very negative role. But do these stars resemble their on-screen persona? While having chitchat with some Tele stars, we got a bombshell talkback from them, as they showed their true colors. These guys who appear on the idiot box are really contradictory to their onscreen personality!

The fireworks of the duality of our Tele stars went on something like this; let’s take a look on what our favorite Tele Celebs have to say:

Disha Wakani

On screen persona: Disha aka Daya of Tarak Mehta…is a very innocent married woman, who is always seen in a saree and cares for her family. Her typical style of diction and vocabulary gags boom her character. The character is always seen busy in the kitchen with some or the other household work.

Off screen persona: “The first thing with which I am in contrast with my on screen character is- I don’t like to wear saree and I am not married yet, I don’t like to enter the kitchen and last; but not the least, I do not laugh and talk like Daya,” Disha quips.

Manish Raisinghani

On screen persona: Manish aka Adi of hum dono… is a very lazy, but health conscious, flirtatious type of person who wants to earn easy money without any efforts.

Off screen persona: “I am really not that lazy, yes I agree that I am greedy, but at the same time I am ready to work harder to achieve the set goal, another thing is that I am very much serious about my life and very choosy about my life partner,” Manish concluded.

Hina Khan

Onscreen persona: Hina aka Akshara of Yeh Rishta… a very sweet and obedient girl who always considers her elders for taking each and every decision in her life and is very simple in her get-up.

Off screen person: “I always prefer wearing western outfits and take my own decision on any problem or situation, without consulting anyone except my father, in short Akshara is dependent whereas Hina is independent,” Hina explained.

Abhishek Rawat

Onscreen persona: Abhishek aka Shekhar of Agle Janam…is very much degraded since his childhood due his family background, especially by his father. He is very much of a serious character, without any social interest.

Off screen persona: “I like being social. Shekhar is a very serious guy, whereas I like to chill out and I am quite broad-minded than him. Yes I agree that Shekhar is a philosopher and kind of poetic, but I am not, this can be the biggest contrast between us,” the actor contemplates.

Well that’s all about some of our Television celebs and their idiot box persona. Many more to come, so viewers “Everything that glitters is not gold!”

“Dikhave pe mat jao apni akal lagao”

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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