Ray-Ban ties up with NGO for 20:20 vision care programme

New Delhi, Aug 11 (IANS) Cashing in on the cricket T20 craze, sun glasses major Ray-Ban has launched its own 20:20 campaign in a tie-up with NGO OneSight Foundation to provide traded-in spectacles to the needy who cannot afford to buy them.

‘Customers can trade-in their old spectacles and get 20 percent off on brand new Ray-Ban optical frames. The old spectacles are then donated to the needy people who cannot afford to buy spectacles by the OneSight Foundation which runs vision care charitable programmes,’ a company statement said Wednesday.

‘Since 20:20 stands for perfect vision, there is the connection between the discount and optical frames,’ the statement added.

‘The programme not only provides an offer to the customer but also involves them in a charitable act of donation,’ it said.

A campaign is also being aired on leading radio stations and in print dailies across India with teasers like ‘Magic happens when old spectacles meet 20:20’, ‘Why does 20:20 leave me feeling very goo’, ‘Are we all doing the 20:20 together’ and ‘This 20:20 will be a bit different with Ray-Ban’.

‘The company hopes this programme will ensure customers are aware that Ray-Ban not only makes world class sunglasses but also offers great quality and fashionable optical frames,’ the statement said.

Ray-Ban is a brand of the Luxottica Group, a leader in premium fashion, luxury and sports eyewear, with over 6,150 optical and sunglasses retail stores in North America, Asia-Pacific, China, South Africa and Europe and a strong and well balanced brand portfolio.

In 2008, the Luxottica Group posted consolidated net sales of 5.2 billion euros. Additional information on the Group is available at www.luxottica.com

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