Ravi Kishaan’s Raaz Pichle Janam Ka! Hindi TV Show


He is famous, happy and content in life with a loving family; but something keeps telling him that all this is short-lived. He fears that one day he would walk away and leave all that means the most to him. We are talking about Ravi Kishaan, the host of Imagine’s Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka who has until now been a friend to all participants on the show, and is all set to transcend his present and go back in time with Dr. Trupti Jayin.

Ever since the versatile actor was offered to host the show; he wanted to get a first-hand experience of the Past Life Regression therapy and seek answers to his angst of leaving everything and going away from his family. Our source from the sets informs, “During the course of his regression, Ravi revealed that he saw himself as a 35 year old ‘Naga Sadhu’ in Manali during the 1890’s. His parents had forced him to marry much against his will at a very young age. However, what left everybody stunned is that there were certain circumstances that led him to commit not one, but three murders in his past life thereby altering his life forever.”

An astonished and shaken Ravi Kishaan says, “I am completely amazed by my regression and feel relieved about my fear. I now have a positive attitude towards my negative feelings and look forward to a better life ahead.”Watch this overwhelming episode that will render you speechless as Ravi Kishaan traces his footsteps back in time on Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka tonight only on Imagine.

-Sampurn Media

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