Rape by traffic cop shakes faith in police: activists

New Delhi, May 26 (Calcutta Tube) The rape of a woman Sunday night in a moving car allegedly by a Delhi Police traffic constable and his friend is not just shocking, but also threatens to make the common man lose all faith in police, activists said Wednesday.

The accused were arrested Tuesday night.

Ranjana Kumari, chairperson of the Centre for Social Research, said: ‘Such a heinous act makes people lose all trust in the police and raises questions about the overall safety of women and others in the capital of the country.’

‘It’s not the first time that a woman has been raped in a moving car…it’s very worrying that such cases are on the rise,’ she added.

The traffic policeman who knew the victim had Sunday night met her along with his accomplice for dinner. They then went on a drive and the two men raped the woman in the moving car in Connaught Place.

The woman later approached the police and after a medical test confirmed rape, the duo were arrested Tuesday night.

Rajan Bhagat, spokesperson of the Delhi Police, said: ‘Both the accused are in judicial custody. In addition, suitable departmental action will be taken against the traffic constable.’

Ashok Agarwal, a senior advocate, said: ‘Such an incident is the highest order of cruelty and irresponsibility on part of the police.’

‘The Delhi Police and traffic personnel should be screened periodically – for both physical strength as well as other behavioural aspects,’ he added.

Rajashi Mehta, an activist, added: ‘Rape is a heinous crime and the fact that a traffic constable is involved in this case is shocking at various levels. This shakes the faith in the entire police force.’

‘The culprit must be given the most stringent punishment. This should serve as an example to others that such crimes will not go unpunished,’ she added.

Bhagat, however, defended the police force, saying: ‘The police force will never support the accused. But it is wrong to say that the entire force is tainted because of the deed of one.’

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