Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt-first time together in The Game

March 30, 2010 (Calcutta Tube):  Featuring your favourite Bollywood stars, Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt for the first time together, ‘The Game’ promises to be an exciting challenge for Youngistaanis, this IPL season.

Ever played a game that gets you a chance to win Rs. 50 lacs while watching television? Get ready to show Youngistaan Ka WOW in ‘The Game’, Pepsi’s innovative, engaging and entertaining concept that brings to life the fun of gaming through TV advertising.

‘The Game’ is set in a fantasy world and all the action takes place in a castle owned by the ‘Game Master’ played by the original Khalnayak, Sanjay Dutt. He challenges Youngistaani, Ranbir to get his Pepsi from his lair. While Ranbir faces these mind-bending challenges, it is you who can help him make the right choices and come out victorious. As you get Ranbir closer to his Pepsi, your right answers will get you fun prizes and get you closer to the ultimate cash prize of Rs 50 lacs.

‘The Game’ is played over five films with three levels, each ending with a brainteaser. Three options are given for each riddle and you have to select the right answer by using your mental smarts. To play, you can call or SMS ‘GAME’ to 093 27 27 27 27 or simply log on to www.youngistaan.com

The exciting five-week game begins with a teaser film on March 27th where the lead characters including Sanjay and Ranbir along with the ‘WOW Girl’, Jacqueline Fernandes are introduced. This is followed by three films presenting the challenges every Thursday; concluding with the fifth film. Viewers can enter ‘The Game’ at any level and can win exciting prizes including free talk-time, song downloads and ring tones. Those who answer correctly at all levels, stand a chance to win Rs. 50 lacs by succeeding in the final tie-breaker slogan challenge.

Speaking about The Game, Punita Lal, Executive Director, Marketing, PepsiCo India said, “Pepsi has always been at the forefront of creating exciting, engaging and innovative experiences which connect with the youth. With the launch of ‘The Game’, Pepsi once again acts as a trendsetter by bringing together gaming to TV advertising for the first time ever”.

“We are confident that ‘The Game’ will not only attract eyeballs owing to its huge entertainment value but also drive participation amongst youngsters thanks to the fantastic concept and thrill it promises to deliver”, she added.

Mounted at a scale of a mega Bollywood blockbuster with magical sets, edgy action-sequences and WOW special effects, ‘The Game’ takes the concept of consumer engagement to the next level. A lot of attention has been paid to the looks of the characters. While Ranbir sports an active and uber cool look, Sanjay as the Game Master will be seen in a unique look straight out of a video game.

As part of this ambitious project, Pepsi has launched a high-decibel, 360-degree campaign which takes engagement to the next level. Apart from the on-air campaign, there would be a huge focus on the online medium including social networking sites. Some of these exciting initiatives include live chat with Ranbir on Facebook on April 2, 2010 and a customized ‘The Game’ skin on Orkut page. For terms and conditions, exciting downloads and further information, log on to www.youngistaan.com

-Sampurn Wire

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