Rama Rama Krishna Krishna (2010)-Telugu Movie Review

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna is a 2010 Telugu movie directed by Srivas with Raam, Arjun, Priya Anand, Bindu Madhavi, Gracy Singh in lead roles. Read the film review at CalcuttaTube.

Film: ‘Rama Rama Krishna Krishna

Cast: Raam, Arjun, Priya Anand, Bindu Madhavi, Gracy Singh, Nasser, Brahmanandam and others;

Director: Srivas;

Producer: Dil Raju;

Camera: Sekhar V. Joseph;

Music Composer: Keervani;

Rating: **

Producer Dil Raju’s ‘Rama Rama Krishna Krishna’ adds to the list of several potboilers that had predictable story lines and senseless screenplays.

It seems Dil Raju has not learnt from his mistakes of making films at regular intervals with a wafer-thin story line, stale screenplay and inferior narration.

Director Srivas, who showed a little promise in his first film ‘Lakshyam’, has made a hotch-potch attempt in writing the script and has not even tried to narrate it with engaging sequences. There are several flaws in his direction and despite the presence of big stars like Arjun and Raam, the film ends up as an average fare.

The director has just rehashed some elements from successful films like Rajnikanth’s ‘Basha’, ‘Ab Tak Chhappan’ and ‘Magadheera’. It is such a formula movie that Srivas just included commercial elements like dances, songs and a little bit of comedy in the first half, while the second half has some melodrama, sentiments and high dose of action sequences.

The film revolves around a careless youth Ramakrishna from Gandhipuram in Godavari district who pretends to be a good, disciplined guy in front of his father. But he is very naughty with others. How careless Ramakrisha solves family problems and marry his sweetheart Priya forms the story.

Raam exudes energy in the dance sequences. He is also good in fight sequences, but he is surely handicapped by a weak script.

Veteran actor Arjun fits perfectly in the role of Ashok. Among the two heroines, Priya Anand looks bubbly but Telugu girl Bindhu Madavi gets little scope to prove her talents. Nasser and Brahmanandam perform their roles with ease.

The flaws in the films are that Keervani’s music is disappointing though his background score is slightly better. The camera work is okay and not comparable to strides made in the Telugu film industry these days. Editing could have been sharper.

‘Rama Rama Krishna Krishna’ is another average fare. You can see the film if you have no alternative.

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