Raktamukhi Neela (2008)

Raktamukhi Neela (2008)

Raktamukhi Neela (2008) Thriller Movie
Raktamukhi Neela (2008) Thriller Movie

Release date: September 12, 2008
Writer: Durlav Roy
Producer: Susmita Roy
Director: Debraj Sinha
Cast: Sabyasachi Chakraborty,
Dipankar De, Bhaskar Banerjee, Dolon Roy, June Mallia and newcomer Titash (As Neela)
Music Director: Choton Banerjee
Playback Singer: Eva Rahman
Editor: Tapan Chakrabarty
Cinematography: Badal Sarkar, Sandeep Sen

Releading at: Priya and Star Theater in Kolkata

Raktamukhi Neela – the bedut film by director Debraj Sinha is all set to release next week in Calcutta.

Why should you go and watch the film?

  • The full film was shot on Digital and will be screened using a DVD player!!! An unique experiment that may revolutionize the cost effectiveness of Bengali Movie productions.
  • Suspense/Thriller type Bengali movie revolves around the death of Super-Star “Neela” during a film shoot. Sabyasachi plays the role of a Police Inspector.
  • Only ONE song! Great. Bengali movies should now learn to use music properly.

Go for the film guys. It is a much needed thriller movie for us.
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