Rakhi Sawant compares her show with Kiran Bedi’s

Mumbai, Nov 13 (Calcutta Tube) Undeterred by the public interest litigation (PIL) filed against her by a lawyer challenging her reality show, Rakhi Sawant says she will continue hosting it.

‘These lawyers are feeling insecure because they feel I’m treading into their territory. But please understand, distressed civilians go to the police and the law by their own will. Likewise, they come on my show voluntarily,’ said Rakhi.

The lawyer, Sushan Kunjuaraman, filed the case against the channel Oct 21 in a PIL, saying the show should go off air as Rakhi makes objectionable statements and mocks the law and judiciary.

But Rakhi compares her show with former super cop Kiran Bedi’s show ‘Aap Ki Kachehri Kiran Ke Saath’.

‘Yeh insaaf Kiran Bedi ne bhi to kiya thaa (Kiran Bedi also had her own justice-providing reality-show). No one raised any protests,’ Rakhi said.

‘I provide the justice that comes to my heart. I don’t know the legal language at all. This is my contribution to the upliftment of women. I don’t drag anyone into my show. Everyone wants me to solve their problems. I’ve orchestrated four marriages on my show. Young people, who have not said the truth in court rooms, have spoken out honestly on my show,’ said the Bollywood item girl.

Promises Rakhi: ‘Aage-aage dekhiye kya-kya issues uthaye jaate hain mere show mein (Let’s see what other issues are tackled on my show). I’ve called rape victims and battered spouses on my show. And then I’ve called a gay male on my show to discuss why gay men are forced into heterosexual marriages in our society.’

‘This poor man on my show was beaten up by his brothers, hidden from the public by his parents. This man from Uttar Pradesh was on verge of suicide when he came to me. All sorts of distressed individuals come on the show. And I can only say, I’ve seen very little grief in comparison. There’s so much filth spreading all over the world.’

On one of the episodes of ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’ when a warring couple started throwing footwear at one another, Rakhi got injured.

‘I’ve now strengthened my security on the show. Anything can happen anytime. Please understand nothing is doctored on my show. Yeh log baat karte-karte garam ho jaate hain (They get angry while discussing things).’

Rakhi is committed to doing 26 episodes.

‘But we are getting so many heartrending cases. We have a man who disowns his own child. We’ve proved the child is his. At the moment I’m totally consumed by the show. Does any bigwig from the film industry have time for these distressed people? I do,’ she said.

2 thoughts on “Rakhi Sawant compares her show with Kiran Bedi’s

  1. Rakhi Sawant is Randi Chudkad aapne aap ko Savitri samjhti hai chuda chuda kar.

    Kiran Bedi Desh ki shan hai Mai Unhe salam karta hu Kiran bedi Ke naam par desh ka sar uchcha ho jata hai.

    Randi Vs. devi Ka koi Jod nahi.

    rakhi Sawant madar Chod Randi.

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