Rakhi Ka Insaaf: Real Life Problems of Real People-Interview with Rakhi Sawant

October 9, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): “Rakhi Ka Insaaf is my own insaaf. I will solve the problems of real people” says Reality TV queen RAKHI SAWANT. She added that there will be NO PUNISHMENT in her upcoming show RAKHI KA INSAAF.

Drama queen Rakhi Sawant, who is back with her latest reality show Rakhi Ka Insaaf, chats up with IBNS correspondent Gourav Mukherjea via video conferencing in Kolkata

Rakhi Ka Insaaf
Rakhi Ka Insaaf

What is Rakhi Ka Insaaf all about?

This show address real life problems of real people. The common man, who often hesitate to go under the law for justice will discuss their personal issues here with me.

Are you just a host in this show?

No, I am not only the host, I am also the mentor, judge. I will hear them. I will empathize with them and give insaaf (justice) to those who seek help.

Earlier, Kiran Bedi hosted a show Aap Ki Kachahri. Is your show similar to that one?

Kiran Bedi’s show is totally different from mine. She can’t make a show like this.

Do you mean you are much superior to her?

No, Kiran Bedi is a very powerful lady. What I meant is, her show and mine are poles apart. She followed the book of law. But I will follow the book of my heart.

How are the cases selected for your show?

The cases and issues are selected based on research and proofs. We thoroughly inquire every detail, do our research and then bring them to the show.

Are you involved in the research programme?

No, I didn’t went on researching for cases. Why should I? The production house has a team who works on these aspects.

What are the issues you have dealt with so far?

I dealt with problems between couples, extra- marital affairs, cases on dowry, property, divorce, troubled parents.

What are the most common and regular cases you have faced on the show?

Extra-marital issues and divorce cases are most regular.

What helps Rakhi to deliver justice?

God gifted me so much knowledge and uttar charao (ups and down) in life that help me a lot to judge. i judge all the cases through a judge’s eyes.

If Rakhi Sawant herself need judgement on any issue, where will she go?

If I need judgement, I myself will solve my problems. I am quite capable of handling my own problems. I don’t need anyone’s consultation. I directly consult with God.

Recently there was an issue relating things going bitter between you and your mother?

There was nothing, sab kuch saadiyon pahele se he theek tha (everything was resolved centuries back). It was all created by the media. I respect my mother, I love her.

Do you believe an actor’s popularity depends on TRP?

My popularity depends on the people and my show will be the baap (father) of all reality shows.

From an item girl image to Rakhi ka Swamvaar, and now Rakhi Ka Insaaf, are you upto changing your image?

Never, dancing is in my blood. I can’t leave dancing for anything. If someday I went to coma, gaana chala dena, meye jhumti huyi khari ho jaungi (just play a song and I will start dancing).

Any comment on the Ayodhya issue?

If I would have handled the Ayodhya case, 18 saal nehi lagte, Boss! (It won’t have took 18 long years).

So, what would have been your verdict?

Simple, a children’s play ground…where children can come and play, they don’t represent any religion.

Video Feature: Rakhi Ka Insaaf-Vivek Mathpal

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