Rajodrohi (2009)

Rajodrohi (aka Rajdrohi) is a 2009 Bengali Sci-Fi movie directed by Tapan Banerjee. The film is starring Anshuman,Swati, Manali and Rajatava Dutta.

Rajodrohi (2009) Bengali Film Review-Preview-Casts-Stills-Songs-Box Office
Rajodrohi (aka Rajdrohi) is a 2009 Bengali Sci-Fi movie directed by Tapan Banerjee. The film is starring Anshuman,Swati, Manali and Rajatava Dutta. Rajodrohi is based on invisibility of human being and is quite similar to H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man.

Rajdrohi Bengali Movie
Rajdrohi Bengali Movie

This Bengali film is slated to release on November 2009. The movie is supposed to be the first TRUE sci-fi movie in Bengali language.

Cast: Anshuman, Swati, Manali, Rajatava Dutta, Arun Banerjee, Amit Daw


  • Director: Tapan Banerjee
  • Producer :Rajkumar Tiwari
  • Story : Avik Banerjee
  • Presenter :Sadhna Movies
  • Music Director: Babul Bose
  • Cinematographer:
  • Editor : Swapan Guha
  • Playback Singer : Shaan, Jaaved Ali, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Udit Narayan, Vinod Rathod & Asha Bhonsle

Film Background and Production:
Avik Banerjee came up with a short story about invisible man and proposed to Tapan Banerjee to make a film out of it. Being a Sci-Fi movie with a high budget, it was hard to find producers in the beginning. However, a Sci-Fi fan, Rajkumar Tiwary came forward and the filming of Rajodrohi started on 27th April, 2009. The film was shot at various location of Kolkata and Vizag.

Songs are composed by Babul Bose and music will be released on SaReGaMa. Asha Bhonsle is coming back as a playback singer in Bengali Cinema after a break of 15 years.

Rajdrohi Bengali Movie Poster/Stills and Gallery



Shoma A. Chatterji

Date of release: December 25 2009

Deep is a tall, handsome young man who lives with his mother in a humble house positioned within a massive piece of real estate that belongs to them. But their lives are tinged with the sadness of his father’s death that they suspect was a murder. Subhash Ganguly, Deep’s father, was a scientist on the verge of making an amazing invention – the ability to make men invisible. The film opens four years after Deep’s father’s ‘body’ was discovered by the railway tracks, mutilated beyond recognition. By this time, Deep is in love with a local girl Raya, the only child of affluent parents. Her father has an eye on the premium land Deep owns and agrees to get the two married for is ulterior ends.

After a lot of very bad singing, worse dancing and terrible acting in synthetic locales created in Vishakhapatnam, Deep meets Ramakrishna Iyer, a scientist who collaborated with his father and Mallika, his father’s research assistant. He volunteers to become a guinea pig for them to test his father’s magic invention that has not been tested for want of volunteers. There is Pulin Dhar, an evil politician who is after this magic invention and who engineered Subhash’s ‘death’ but actually has kept him captive to get hold of the invention for his dubious deals. Deep is injected with the potion and becomes invisible but the scientists do not yet know how to make him visible again. He goes around using his new-found power to spread fairness and justice and also to teach lessons to the evil-doers. He learns the truth about his father but by then, Pulin Dhar has also abducted Mallika and Deep’s mother to get the potion. In the end, Pulin is arrested by the police, Mallika, deeply in love with dies while trying to save Deep. Deep’s parents walk away to enjoy their reunion after four years.

Where is the political rebel (Rajdrohi) in this film? The script attempts to offer a half-hearted answer much after the film’s interval. If it is Deep, then there is not much rebellion in him. If it is Pulin Dhar (Rajatava Dutta), then one could have conceded the point provided he did at least appear ministerial in some scenes instead of moving around with his toughies and forgetting to use the same grey-and-white wig throughout the film. He adds some individual touches to Pulin’s character but it does not wash in this film where the story is just a collage of incidents and characters that make a lot of sound and fury but signify nothing. The new girl who plays Mallika is the only actress who proves her worth in looks and somewhat, in the acting department too. What makes her treat her kid cousin like a housemaid is a mystery. Arun Bandopadhyay is wasted in the role of the inventor while Manali as Raya needs to whittle down her waistline and cultivate a good dress and colour sense before she decides to appear on screen again. Acting, in films like this one, can probably wait.

One desperately wishes that Bengali directors and their producers stopped banking on newcomers who have yet to learn the ABC of acting, dancing, fighting, and even carrying themselves with grace and digity before picking them at random to perform lead roles in their films. Anshuman for instance, is a block of wood disguised as a good-looking, well-built hunk who proves that good looks do not necessarily an actor make. The cinematography and the art direction just about pass muster.

Gone are the days when we saw editing from the likes of Hrishikesh Mukherjee because the soft wipes, the smooth mixes and the subtle dissolves are things of the past. The editing is filled with jump cuts that do not match, turning the film into a mish-mash of celluloid. What were Deep and his mother doing for the four long years they felt Subhash was still alive or that perhaps he was killed by Pulin? What were Iyer and Mallika doing these four years? In one scene, Mallika goes into a trance-like dream scene that begins in the laboratory. When the song-and-dance routine ends, we find her waking up in her bedroom! The local police are being turned into a sad joke in film after film. This makes one wonder how the Kolkata Police tolerates this celluloid insult of their status as defenders of law. Or, don’t they care?

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