Rajkumari (1970)-Bengali Movie

Rajkumari (1970)-Bengali Movie-Uttam Kumar-Tanuja Classic
Direction: Salil Sen
Story: Salil Sen
Music Direction: Rahul Deb Barman
Lyric: Gouri Prasanna Majumdar
Playback Singers: Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle.
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Tanuja, Chhaya Debi, Dipti Roy, Nilima Chakrabarty, Helen, Pahadi Sanyal, Asitbaran, Tarun Kumar, Ajay Ganguly, Bhanu Bandhopadhyay, Jahar Roy, and more…

Rajkumari is a classic romantic Bengali movie with Uttam Kumar-Tanuja.The film is a great one and the music is superbly directed by Rahul Deb Barman. Kishore and Asha Bhosle are always great to listen to. Together this is one of the immortal movies made in Bengali cinema.

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4 thoughts on “Rajkumari (1970)-Bengali Movie

  1. goutam bairagi / February 29, 2008 at 4:09 am


  2. A treat for Utton Fans !!
    An awesome Cinderella story. Young Tanuja was looking Stunning in B/W , wander how she would have looked in a color photo from back then.
    Melodies are haunting and ever lasting. This movie has a few songs which I like as much as my father enjoys them.

    Recommend viewing when ever what ever.

  3. chandramouli ganguly / July 7, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    2 good

  4. Does anyone know where to find this movie? I’ve been googling for some time for this movie after listening to one of the popular songs of this film “Ei Ki Holo” by Kishore Kumar. Although the following link states that it would have the movie, but it does not actually.
    So please help me & others who haven’t watched this film yet!

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