Rajadhani, Shatabdi trains made accessible to freedom fighters

New Delhi, July 13 (IANS) Freedom fighters or their widows can now travel in the Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains with their free rail journey passes, the railway ministry said Tuesday.

It said the freedom fighters or their widows would be entitled to travel in the third AC of the Rajadhani Express or the chair cars of Shatabdi or Jan Shatabdi Expresses along with their companion as per their entitlement for travel with them in other normal trains.

‘The ministry has decided that 1st Class/2nd AC Complimentary Card Passes issued to freedom fighters/their widows will also be valid for travel in 3rd AC of Rajdhhani trains and Chair Car of Shatabdi/Jan-Shatabdi express trains,’ a railway ministry statement said.

The ministry said it had taken this decision ‘in a gesture of honour to the freedom fighters.’

The ministry has asked all zonal railways to implement this decision by suitably stamping the freedom fighters passes and declaring them ‘valid for travel in 3rd AC in Rajdhani trains and Chair Car in Shatabdi/Jan-Shatabdi trains along with a companion in same class’.

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