Raima Sen, Parambrata shoot for Bengali Film ‘Mach Misti & More’ in Kolkata

Kolkata, Sept 23 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Tollywood actress Raima Sen Parambrata Chattopadhyay, with other actors got together at the famous Ramu Bose’s house in New Alipore in Kolkata for the ongoing shoot of the Bengali filmMach Misti & More’ in Kolkata on Thursday.

Raima who will be playing the role of Eshani, a spiritually inclined girl who runs a healing centre was all excited about the character.

“I play the role of a girl who runs away on her wedding night. She has shunned the materialistic life and runs a healing centre.

“My character is hippie, bohemian and carefree. The look too is hippie”, she said.

“People are used to seeing me in a serious role. This will be a change as I play a funny character”, she added.

Asking her about her puja plans she said “unfortunately I won’t be here this puja as I will be in Singapore.”

Parambrata Chatterjee, who is playing the role of second brother among the three brothers, said “the film portrays the life of the middle class Bengali people living in Kolkata.”

Commenting on his role Parambrata said that it was not the first time that he was playing the role of a slightly confused young man with a comical bend of mind in his twenties.

“My character is indecisive about choosing a life partner between two girls played by Raima and Racheta,” he said.

“But I am more sorted out in real life,” he added.

Parambrata said that he enjoyed working with his co-actors and director Moinak Bhoumick. “This is my second film with him,” he said.

When asked about his puja plans he said: “I will stay at home, just rest and read books which I have not done in a long time.”

Racheta who is paired opposite Parambrata plays the role of Swati, Parambrata’s dominating girlfriend who is a control freak.

Commenting on her character she said: “I play the role of a non Bengali girl brought up in Kolkata. So, most of my dialogues are in Hindi.”

“I can relate to this character since I have stayed out of Kolkata most of the time. My mum is helping me to brush up my Bengali accent,” she added.

Pamela Bhutoria who plays the role of June said her character in the film is “an independent, powerful woman who knows how to get her things done.”

“I am paired opposite Shauvik who is a married man,” she said, and quickly adds “but there is no extra marital affair.”

Mach Misti & More is about the loves and lives of three brothers belonging to a middle class Bengali family: Rudra, Ronnie and Raj.

One brother finds love, one discovers himself and one re-evaluates his own purpose in life all through a 120 minutes roller coaster ride that the filmmaker claims “will make you laugh, cry, and strongly identify with the characters”.
Raima Sen shoots for Bengali Movie 'Mach Misti and More'
(Reporting by Nawaneeta Subba / Photos by Avishek Mitra)

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