Rahul Bose working on Kuch Love Jaisa Hindi Movie

New Delhi, Aug 6 (Calcutta Tube) Actor Rahul Bose, who is popular for doing arthouse films, is now yearning to do a full-fledged action role but wonders if anyone will cast him in such a movie.

‘I would love to do an action film and prove that I am a good actor. I am too small as an actor to justify the amount of money put into making an action film. I could do it along with a superstar, but I don’t think anyone will cast me as a hero’, said Rahul, who was in the capital for a fashion show.

The actor started his career with director Dev Benegal‘s film ‘English August‘ and went on to prove his mettle with films like ‘Mr. and Mrs.Iyer’, ‘Mumbai Matinee’ and ’15 Park Avenue’, among others.

Rahul insists that whether it’s a negative role in ‘Thakshak’, a comic role in ‘Jhankar Beats’ or a serious role in ‘Kalpurush’, he has always tried to break the mould with the roles he has done.

‘When I did films like ‘Jhankar Beats’ and ‘Pyar Ke Side Effects’, I was put into the category of a comic actor then I went on to play serious roles in films like ‘Antaheen’ and ‘Kalpurush’. This has helped me break that image,’ he said.

‘I love to do serious roles but would definitely like to try my hand at horror, thriller and drama also,’ he added.

He might be popular for doing parallel cinema, but Rahul is doubtful about its future as producers of small budget films don’t have enough money for its publicity.

‘People are not willing to invest money in such films like ‘Kuch Love Jaisa’, and ‘Fired’ (his upcoming films) that are waiting for release. ‘Japanese Wife’ had to be released only in four cities, the makers didn’t even have the money to give the show timings in the papers,’ Rahul told IANS.

‘It is necessary for the producers to find creative ideas to market their film so that interest is generated, otherwise they cannot sustain,’ he added.

Rahul says he’s currently working on a number of films. There is director Onir’s ‘I Am’ where he plays the role of a homosexual guy.

Asked how the experience was, he said: ‘Playing a homosexual was complex and interesting. I had to understand how it feels to be discriminated against, everyday. Some people tend to overdo it, the whole aspect of man falling in love with another man, but it is about how you want to look at it.’

Rahul’s other projects include a romantic film ‘Kuch Love Jaisa‘, then there’s another film on Hindu-Muslim secularism and harmony, and another love story.

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